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I have had a wonderful experience with Dobson highly credited to the students and clubs I have been involved with. It is obvious that many of the teachers at Dobson truly care; however, some of the current administration seems to neglect the true needs of the students and their need for beneficial extracurricular activities.
My experience at Dobson High School is amazing. Although, staff could be better, this is an ideal school. There's a wide arrange of clubs and activities to take place in. Safety is something that they hold of real value. This school is definitely something to put your time into.
I liked that dobson was close to my home and there were a FEW amazing teachers. My psych prof was GREAT and inspired me to major in psychology. At the time i attended administrastion was questionable. Lots of bullying and the "powers that be" could have handled things better. Im glad to hear they've since changed principals.
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I am a sophomore Student, at Dobson High School, and my experience so far has been great, like every other student it is common that I don't enjoy school a lot, but I feel comfortable with the teachers and the programs I there are.
I did enjoy the facility and how big the campus was but there are so many students that the hallways are craziness and and you’re just always being pushed and shoved, unless you leave later from class, also having two lunch periods is very confusing, especially for those who are coming in from a different school.
Dobson has been a great school for me honestly. It has impacted me a lot in terms of friends, teachers, programs, and sports. All of this has changed me for the best. This made huge friendships and effort during sports yearly. From Cross Country to Soccer and then to Track. This helped me become who I am today. Great school to make friends; so many varieties ofclubs and programs to choose. Joining clubs helps making friends in and out of school. Especially sports, one makes friendships and rivals when competing. This is going to be my 4th year of Track and Field; I hope for the best that I get to meet new people and help them succeed to be a better person/athlete. Dobson Track and Field was like another family; many bonds are formed. Dobson is the best school I've joined and I have no regrets.
A few things I would change about this high school, is to have more teachers motivate their students into doing better. Instead of doing the bare minimum. But there is some teachers that do, do their best and continue to help their students strive. And those teachers are very rare to find.
Has a nice campus use for out of school activities. If you need help most of the teachers are really helpful you just need to find the right ones to go to. My counselors were really helpful senior year to get me ready for college.
Dobson has bless me with many great friends and such an amazing environment. Dobson is a home to me where i know that they will help me prepare me for higher education.
I love the school spirit and the teachers and the friends I have here the teachers make it a very good and very fun class and it helps me learn because of the amount of fun i am having the school spirit is big a lot of the kids show a lot of the spirit be doing spirit week here and the friends i have here are nicr and thoughtful and i very enjoy them having them around in my life overall dobson is a really good school
I'm a senior now at Dobson High School and throughout my four years here i really enjoyed it. I have never felt unsafe on campus and the teachers here are amazing. Campus is always clean and it's a very good school to attend.
its great. the number one thing i would like to see the school change would be the food they serve us.
My overall Dobson experience has been a blast. Each day when you come to school the teachers are excited and ready for you to learn. The extracurricular activities that Dobson provides are the best part. When you're involved in some activities you become part of a family with not only the other students but also the teacher(s) in charge of the program.
The AVID program is really well put together, and though most of the administration isn't very good at listening to what the students want, AVID administration and counselors do.
Everybody is very friendly at Dobson. That is saying something because I moved from California so I am now in a whole new district in a whole new state. Faculty are always making sure that we are safe and not getting into any sort of trouble.
Lots of diversity at my school, everyone is so kind and the staff is lovely. We have special programs to help others achieve and strive for college!! Most of all it's a place that makes me feel safe and secure.
Dobson is filled with a great bunch of great teachers, but aside from that specific group of teachers, the school becomes pretty average. My purpose is not to bash my school but it is, to be honest about what the environment is like at Dobson. For students who are looking for a more rigorous course load Dobson doesn't have much to offer. It becomes challenging to fit all four to five AP classes and still have room to take classes you love such as band. You end up having to sacrafice the AP classes which benifit your future, class rank, GPA, and scholarship money. You have to make a decision between the two. I will be a senior this year, therefore, my time has come to a close end, but for my underclassmen friends and sibling, I would love to see them not struggle with making sacrifices between the rigorous course load and things they love to do such as taking an elective class.
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Some teachers were great! Others were not. Sometimes the student atmosphere was acceptable. Other times the security guards purposely turned their heads away from gangs who were doing drugs right before their eyes.
Overall, your experience at Dobson is going to be a hit or miss situation. Personally I feel the Counselors do NOT know what they are doing, and often set things aside. Few teachers seem to be at an age where they forget where they put things, often making it impossible for others to learn. With that said, there are plenty of good things about Dobson. The environment Is often bright and supportive! The staff are impeccably nice. And teachers are seen not only looking out for one another, but for students as well. As I said above Dobson is a hit or miss ,hence why I gave 3/5 stars.
Dobson had so many opportunities for both extracurricular activities and academically. I was able to set myself up for success by taking advanced courses and choosing electives that pertained to my interests. Dobson gave me a well-rounded experience as I was able to be a part of so many different clubs and activities.
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