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Dobie Junior High School Reviews

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Dobie Junior High was an okay experience for my child. They would explain to me about the ants running through the halls, the cliques, or stereotypes students would make, the threats people online would make to Dobie, and the poor careless teaching. The school heavily focuses on certain sports, often forgetting about academics. And it's not even every sport; my son was in cross country this year and there was no money even put into it. My daughter, last year had a social studies teacher that didn't even teach them. She said that they would watch movies all day and not learn a thing. Now she is struggling in social studies. A lot of things need to change at Dobie. Thankyou.
All I can say about this school, Is that we can not be out of this school fast enough. I think it's long overdue for a complete administration change. People who truly care about our children would be preferable. That is not the case right now and I have had 3 children go thru this school and it just gets worse. There are some good teachers and others that lie and parents and all...things just get brushed under the rug and not taken care of. and Your child will always be referred to as a number. They could care less about their individual needs.
Dobie is the one of two option for Junior High. It is a very dark school with no windows in the classrooms. We felt caged in.
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This school was diverting, challenging, and preparation for the future. The teachers encouraged the very best of their students and always encouraged and pushed the students to reach and surpass their potential. The coaches and athletic department were the best in the district and made sure the athletes were pushed and encouraged to be the best they could be. The students were friendly and the teachers were engaging as well as personal. They were sure to let the students know that they were there to help them if only they would ask.
safety is a huge concern in our district.
The experience I had attending this school was, let's just say not the best. The students were extremely disrespectful, and most of the teachers let them get away with it. Not to mention all of the experimenting going on with the students because of their age range.
They're okay, they sometimes make it difficult to deal with school and life problems at the same time.
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