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I like how everything we do in Dobie is to raise our spirits on everything we do. Especially if you are in an extracurricular activity like marching band. When we do things together, we have a very strong pride.
Dobie is unlike any other high school I know. The staff and Aps are so involved in the students life care so much about their wellbeing. The students are so caring and considerate to each other is unreal. The sports and clubs are so fun and keep the students happy and not stressed. Dobie is unreal.
Overall it’s a pretty good school but I feel like some of the teachers could take their jobs a little more serious.
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The schools attempts to provide its students with as many opportunities as possible in order for them to be successful as well as assistance with absolutely anything! The teachers also care for the students as well particularly the AP teachers!
Dobie High school over all was a wonderful high school. The teachers always made sure that the students were up to date and they always gave us chances on redeeming ourselves, although they weren't the most best on everything, they could possibly improve on some over their teachers academically wise.
I attended Dobie High School until 2004. It was a great school back then, but I have no idea how it is now.
Dobie High School is a really great school to attend. The staff is very caring and they actually want to see students succeed. We have some really amazing clubs & sports. Honestly, there’s nothing Dobie needs to change.
I loved how many clubs and programs the school had. The only change I would make is how involved teachers get with making the lesson interesting and exciting.
Big campus and large student population but with proportional student attention by teachers. Even though it is a large school, students who make an effort will have no problem feeling at home and being successful in their studies.
Dobie has amazing resources that enables students to enroll in courses and extracurriculars that would benefit their career path and education. Our counselors prepare us for college, and our advanced placement staff are extremely caring and are amazing educators. Our school has so many hidden gems, that once uncovered, we can go above and beyond.
Dobie High School was a great experience and I enjoyed the academics, the classes, the extracurricular activities, and music art.
Dobie High school has such a family and stick together frame of mind. They make sure whether its your first year or your last that you enjoy every bit of your time there. The teachers are hard to find, because in my opinion they all want to see you not only succeed but to do something positive with your life. Also, at Dobie you find a really diverse set of kids and staff were not only just one race or religion and students and staff who come here assimilate very well.
I really enjoyed it here, the environment was superb and had great energy. Amazing teachers that dedicated their lives to us.
In all honesty, Dobie was a pretty good school compared to others. The only thing that I wish that they had changed was allowing males to join their drill team, the Lariaettes. I've aspired to become one since my freshman year and tried out twice, but everyone knew I didn't get to because of my gender. It sucks honestly but I joined cheerleading as a plan B and it was pretty alright.
I liked that some teachers really do care for your education and really do want to see you succeed. i like the diversity and I think that everyone is generally really open to everyone.
Dobie is very nice school I love going there. The school is beautiful and huge. Dobie has a lot to offer with its various groups, clubs, and organizations.The school has a on campus police unit and security to ensure students and staff are safe at all times.One of the most popular things is mega lunch of which all students eat lunch at the same time. You can eat anywhere in the school or outside and mega lunch is an opportunity to go to tutoring or clubs.
I've had a very good experience at Dobie. Allowing access to programs such as dual credit helped a lot. I found high school to pass by quickly and smoothly. I am going to graduate in the top 15%, so I am proud of that.
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I loved the environment, how much the teachers cared about the students succeeding. The sports is a really good atmosphere to be around. and Mega Lunch was fun.
Dobie high school takes pride in their student culture and all their extra activities available. By doing this they are able be involved in the school and build friendships and connections even more.
This school has a positive vibe that can be felt by the students and staff that attend there. The school has many diverse clubs and programs that can fit the needs of many students. The people there are friendly and best of all, the school provides a one hour lunch, yes, one whole hour of freedom.
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