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What I would like to see change is in the involvement in sports and clubs. Also the food and the teaching ways can improve.
This is an International Baccalaureate (IB) school. Instead of AP classes it offers IB classes. Colleges regard these courses highly as they prepare students well for college and beyond. The teachers are invested in the students doing well, and it is a welcoming environment.
I liked how involved the teachers were with the students. Since this is a small school organizations and extracurricular activities are very limited. Not too boring but also not so exciting school.
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Being a newly indoctrinated alumni of Dobbs Ferry High School, I feel that I can give a realistic perspective on Dobbs Ferry High School. Being a small town that prides itself on academic as well as athletic achievement, Dobbs Ferry High School supports these values heavily. Administrators in addition to teachers and other staff ensure that students at DFHS excel in the classroom and out on the field if they choose to participate in sports, as well as other extracurricular activities. Looking back on my experiences at Dobbs Ferry High School, I feel that majority of the teachers and coaches I have played for across three different sports prepared myself as well as my classmates for the challenges and hardships of college as well as the real world.
The school is absolutely tiny and focuses on doing the IB diploma, which would be nice if not for the fact that, as a US based school, most potential colleges will give almost no credits for doing well in these classes. Additionally, the administration actively takes measures against things that would otherwise foster senses of school spirit. We had a one hour long assembly about new recycling methods (there are three cans instead of two, it doesn't take that long to explain) and a fifteen minute assembly about gun safety after the Parkland school shooting. Those fifteen minutes were pretty much "we're an IB school rah rah so we care about you more than other schools so there's no way anything bad will happen". Enough said.
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Everyone says that high school is the best four years of your life. Now that I am months away from graduation, I can honestly say people were right! Dobbs Ferry High School gave me confidence in myself to reach higher goals. The high school consists of about 100 students per grade and the feeling of being with family resonated with me every day. Living in a small community has many benefits to teaching us the value of friendship and loyalty. I wouldn't change a thing!
The school is small due to the small town but it’s fun. Thankfully bullying isn’t a part of the school. Academics are overall great.
There is so much obvious bullying that goes on that the teachers don't notice. The teachers give way too many assignments in a short amount of time and give ridicuoulous tests on things we have not learned.
I love my friends and most of my teachers in Dobbs. Lots of the teachers are very helpful and accommodating. The school allows for so many opportunities. The theatre program and teacher is amazing. I am not the biggest fan of my guidance counselor, because I do not feel like she is any help to me, but this particular counselor is not the only one that works for the high school, I believe there are 3 more counselors for the high school. Overall Dobbs is a great school to attend.
A pretty good (though very small) IB school with engaging teachers and an excited student body. The administration makes some strange budget choices, but the academics are good and the school itself is beautiful, with the hallways adorned with artwork from decades past. Great area, very safe and the school is a two-minute walk from downtown and Dobbs is only a short train ride away from NYC.
I love Dobbs. The student population is diverse, with different types of people. Everyone finds their friends here. The athletics are good, especially football. School spirit is good as well. Academics are amazing, the IB program prepares you for college like nothing else. You can take courses that will make college feel like a breeze, or you can take easier classes.
Dobbs Ferry High School is a great school for academic success. Technology is used throughout the building (even though some teachers do express their dislike for it), it is mandatory to use chromebooks in some way. The school puts a lot of their money into football and basketball but not really anything else which is one thing that they should change. Overall, DFHS is a good school and I recommend it.
Dobbs Ferry High School is a small but excellent school with an IB program. There are a lot of clubs and the athletics program is diverse and wonderful. The football team, that has a great cheerleading team, has just reached the play-offs again!
Offers a variety of levels of rigorousness, from very challenging IB courses to regents, to non-regents.
Dobbs Ferry High School is a small school with an average of 100 students/grade. Class size is fairly small between 17-22 students. It is an "IB World School" which allows the student to get a full IB Diploma. It is a prestigious program and colleges like students who have challenged themselves with IB courses. Students also have the option to take as many or as few IB courses, if they don't care for the rigor of the diploma program, but want challenging classes. The IB Film course at this school is particularly rigorous. It is taught and lead by 2 great English teachers, who are inspirational. Personally, I would go to this school again because of that program. Through them a spark was lit and, film and filmmaking has become my passion, which I plan to pursue in college and in my future career.
For the most part, the teachers are good, a few are great, and a few are just average. I would say that all teachers care about their students and are approachable.
The school is very protective of their students due to the threats all around us with the school shootings.
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Kids always say they hate school because of homework and the "mean teachers" but I thank those teachers everyday because I wouldn't be where I am now, without them pushing and wanting me to strive for what I deserve.
The teacher are fantastic. If I didn't have most of the teachers i had although high school, I wouldn't have excelled in most of my classes.
Lots to choose from afterschool - from athletics to arts to clubs
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