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I have had a great experience at Doane. My grade is small with 32 kids, so classes are small, and our teachers know us very well. I feel very comfortable in my classes, and I can go to my teachers for extra help whenever I need it. They make themselves very available to the students. One of my favorite events to take part in every year is called Doane’s Dungeon on Halloween. We perform scenes from scary works of poetry or stories throughout the school at night and families and friends come. This year I participated in a scene from The Crucible.
The teachers are awesome, very supportive. They are starting to expand their classes, which is very good. It is great, you get to know everyone because it is a small school.
I like the academics and education you get at Doane Academy. There’s always opportunities to get one on one help with your teachers, if need be and Doane Academy has a family like atmosphere. We also have a lot of fun traditions at Doane. The diversity in faculty and staff could be way better, though and the school could use some more school spirit. If we had more school wide activities, that would definitely help.
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My daughter received an excellent education at Doane Academy. She was regularly challenged and actively encouraged to expand her horizons. She was accepted to a number of good universities, and she has been very successful in her first year in college at a major research university. Her mother and I are very happy with our choice to send our daughter to Doane!
Doane Academy truly is what it says it is, a school where everyone is known, loved and encouraged to become the best version of themselves. Couldn't be happier with what this school has done for my two children who are now alumni. They both excel at all they do, and I credit Doane with much of how they carry themselves in life.
An amazing school that will prepare you for whatever you want to achieve after. Small size makes it feel like a family and allows for each student to really personalize their experience at the school. Doane has incredible teachers who are intelligent, experienced in both teaching and the professional worlds, and have passion for their subjects. Many choices of clubs and sports. Lots of special traditions that go back generations. An overall amazing school that I would highly recommend to anyone!
Terrible school. Smoke and Mirrors. They will deceive and lie to you about everything. Check out their SAT scores. Teachers not modern or up to par. BE CAREFUL!!!!
I loved it! Doane is a place that changes people, and I am inspired by everyone everyday. It has taught me a lot about academics and leadership.
My two granddaughters presently attend Doane Academy and their experience has been awesome - socially, academically, and musically. They are presently in 2nd & 5th grades, each having been here since they were 4 years old.
We have been thrilled with our experience. Our son is on his eighth year at Doane and is happy and at home there. The school works hard to create a true family atmosphere where your child is known, loved and encouraged to discover their unique potential as their mission states. The staff has taken their time and care to direct our son through the many challenges of academic life. We could not be any happier with our investment in a good education and the character development of our child!
The school truly views the whole person, not just academic. The teachers are extremely involved and engage the students. The Administration seems to be struggling and not on the same page as the teachers. Overall, it is a nurturing environment that may be too smoothing for some high school students.
We have a son in his junior year at Doane Academy. We are writing this to let you know there is no better school for your child/student. Our children have attended public school and two other private schools and Doane is, by far, the best. Doane is a school that delivers on their promises We were reluctant to write after our son’s freshman year because we were waiting for the “disappointment” that can happen after entering a new school. At Doane, our son’s experience just keeps getting better. Of course there were bumps in the road, but his Doane family was there to support him through the tough times. The Doane family is there to celebrate with you as well. If you are looking to put your student into an excellent curriculum, with top notch teachers and you want your child to be known and loved, choose Doane Academy. No school is perfect, but Doane is as close to perfection as can be achieved.
Sally and Steve DiDomenico
Doane Academy's aim isn't to create the best college student, it's to create the best individual. Doane always strives to create well rounded young adults who will make the world a better place.
I had four happy years at Doane Academy. My education was excellent—thorough, rigorous, challenging, and personalized. My teachers often allowed and encouraged me to tailor their teaching to my interests. I was able to take scores of advanced placement classes, and the classes that were not advanced placement oftentimes were just as challenging.
But the academic experience is not what was most important. It was good and nice, but not that unique. Good academic schools abound everywhere. At Doane, the spirit and character of the place make it unique. The emphasis on educating character makes it unique.
In addition to an excellent education and an education of the spirit, Doane offers wonderful traditions, a dedicated faculty, amazing architecture, and a small learning environment that can benefit shy and bold alike.
Doane Academy made me the person I am today. The teachers are passionate about the subjects they teach, and help to distill this passion in their students. The school brought me out of my shell and pushed me outside of my comfort zones, through clubs and interim trips. I've made friendships and learned values here that will last me a lifetime.
Doane was the best school for me. It was family oriented and gave me the best education I could ask for. The small classes were great and I knew everyone there. It was the best and I was very involved.
I'd like to see a change for the student body. Doane Academy lacks a key factor for a general population of students.
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We have watched this hidden gem go from good to great and it is still taking strides forward. Very impressed with the continual improvement and what it means in results for my child and all of the students.
I'm not going to say anything because I will end up saying something the public would not enjoy. Let's just go with change that is not smart and unkept promises.
I was a child of the public schools system and wanted to find a different approach for my children. I had no idea how life-changing sending my kids here would be. Not only did this school give my children the academic rigor that I was looking for, it gave them so many opportunities they couldn't have had elsewhere, and built their confidence and character along the way. The love and genuine caring that embraced them, and our whole family, along the way has changed us all for the better...permanently.
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