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The school offers regular, honors, and AP classes. I have personally taken classes in each title and they are more academically challenging. There is also a huge difference in the amount of work offered in honors and AP, but all in all AP is worth taking because it really prepared you for what to expect in a college course. Most of the teachers try to make lessons that incorporates technology to make the lesson more engaging for the class. Our teachers are knowledgable in their subjects and you can really learn from them.
We share the school nurse with either the middle school or elementary school, so we only have her at our school two days a week. Luckily, we have a registered nurse on campus 24/7, since she teaches our health classes. We have a cop on campus 24/7, plus we are about to have three vice principals since our school is expanding. We do have lockdown drills but I feel we should have them more often than we do. Bullying isn't that common but it does happen both in person and through the Internet. The school does step in and get involved to put an end to it.
There are a lot of clubs offered at the school that are fully committed and participate in a lot of volunteering for a variety of projects (key club, student2student, national honor society). There is also choices for the more artistic students such as art club or drama. The staff is supportive of ideas for clubs that students come up with. All students have to do is get a teacher along with the plan who will help lead the club and talk it over with the principal.
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You'll hear many students around complaining of the school. I do agree to a point. I believe the school spends more money on sports or remodeling the school over academic uses. They give these laptops at the beginning of the year to the freshman and sophomores that they can take home everyday until the end of the year; the juniors and seniors deserve the laptops since they have applying to colleges, working on graduation project, and SAT or ACT preparation to work on. However, Dixon does offers much from the staff and if there was ever anything you needed there is always someone there to ask. You gain a connection with staff since you see them everyday and you can tell that they truly care for you and hope for success in your life. All in all Dixon does have its kinks to work out but honestly it isn't as bad as everyone goes around saying. Just like I was told growing up, "your education is what you make it."
I have to admit that we do have quite a few teachers who are there as an outlet for students to go to for advice for problems they maybe dealing with but at the same time they aren't crossing the line that they are the student's teacher. It is nice to be surrounded with that support. Most of the teachers are encouraging the students to excel to their fullest potential. On the other hand there is very few teachers who try but just can't control their class of students and from my own experience it is because they didn't enforce their rules and policies from the very beginning and of course teenagers will take advantage of that.

All the teachers are really into adding technology into our assignments and lessons with multiple websites like USAtestprep, Edmodo, and kahoot. Using these websites and technology in general engages the class as a whole to participate.
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