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The type of friends that I’ve made at this school have made the person I am today and in the future and the teachers aswell.
I like the close relationship between the students. Since the school is so small it is easy to make a connection with the majority of peers. I would like to see a change in focus by teachers from testing to actual learning. Some teachers are there simply to get the job done and do not care to help students. This is expected with the teacher pay in North Carolina being so low.
I loved the teachers at Dixon High School. They wanted to be there and were always finding creative new ways to teach the students. The parents were very involved with fundraisers and helping the school and students any chance they could.
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My experience at Dixon high school was decent, what I loved about Dixon was the teachers and their commitment to teaching even if they are given the minimal items to teach and the rude students they have to put up with, I really disliked how the teachers where being treated for example my teacher who won her battle against cancer was having a hard time maintaining her class because a lot of the students didn't care. I feel like the way Dixon executes their punishment for students isn't as solid as it should be. lastly the sports in Dixon lacked discipline, the people on all the Dixon sports teams as in the starters show up to practice whenever they want and they slack a lot, if I was the coach I wouldn't put people that show a lack of leadership and commitment in the starting position because that breeds a culture of ''I do what I want'' which caused the downfall in a lot of Dixons sports. overall Dixon has a lot to work on but its not too far gone.
There are teachers there who know what they are doing and as long as you chose how much value your education has it will be a good school
Dixon is a very close community with a strong parent involvement. I played three different sports and was able to maintain an above average GPA. If you show great effort, the teachers are more than willing to go the extra mile to help you succeed. Although our programs are different in skill level, the staff at Dixon support all sports. There are clubs to join and can be enjoyed without schedule conflicts. You can challenge yourself academically or take just required courses, it is up to you. It is a safe environment with teachers and students being diligent to help keep the atmosphere healthy. A mixture of young and seasoned teachers keep things interesting. There are several opportunities to travel on field trips that focus on college bound students. I am extremely happy to be a part of Dixon than any other Onslow County School.
Dixon High School is an excellent and safe school to further your academic future. Being at Dixon high school for all four years of high school, has been some of the best years of my life. I have made amazing friends, furthered my academic career and been on sports team with amazing teammates and coaches. The teachers and coaching staff at Dixon truly care about all of our success.
It was okay but there is no focus on the important things. Teachers would always leave and we would end up with subs throughout the year. Many teachers did not care bout teaching u they would let u just chill and hang out
I would like to see teachers actually engaging into teaching the students. More college readiness because i feel like we are not as ready as other schools. I would like to see more school spirit uplifting vibes. School food should improve a lot of things was taken away such as certain sauces and certain foods we would look forward to on certain days. Our lunch time to eat shouldn't be 20 minutes, it takes us from our class room to the cafeteria, to standing in line and having kids cut in front of you because of there friend or whatever the case maybe to setting you back 5 extra minutes. By the time we get our lunch and sit down its already time for us to leave to proceed to the next class. I don't really think that's fair when teachers have a whole hour and sometimes a hour and a half during there planning period to eat lunch. I would just like things to change for the better because maybe students would be more involved into school if it was more uplifting and exciting to be there.
Dixon teachers care a lot about their students, when they see a negative change in personality such as depression or lack of eating they try to help.
Dixon High School was overall a good school. It's in a small town so most students know each other and many students that I saw were compassionate and kind. Teachers generally cared about students and understood that kids struggled with anxiety and things like that.
I like how Dixon High School is a small school, so it's easy to know everyone there. Some of the classroom sizes are smaller and that causes deeper interactions with others. One thing I would like to see change would be the school size. I like that you get to know almost everyone, but a big school means there is more people to find and get to know. Another thing would be to add more extra curricular activities such as dance. I see a lot of talented people in school, but they have no way of letting it show to others.
The teachers were the best thing at the school. The social life at the school is more important than education .
It’s ok. Very small but it’s a small but growing town. The teachers usually are very nice and can teach well while some others are lacking. Our new principal has taken a few fun things away involving homecoming and end of year things but I think it could be for the best.
I've gone to Dixon my whole life. Dixon High needs to be updated on the resources and technology. Overall, I love the school. They need a better football team, and more appreciation for the marching band. The school is filled with cockroaches, and could use a face lift.
Attending Dixon High School was one of the four years of my life. The whole school just has a very welcoming environment and no one is ever left out. The school offers all sorts of extra-cirriculars for each and every individual. Personally, I was involved in band. The marching band and the concert band was were I spent most of my time- other than my academics. Dixon High School is an amazing school and I would gladly recommend it to anyone searching for a high school for their child. Im proud to say that I graduated from Dixon High School.
I attend a smaller school. What I like most about it is the friendliness and closeness of the staff. The teacher really seem to care about the students and take the time to let them know
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Dixon is a very small school where everyone knows everybody. I love the teachers and how most of them will help whenever it's needed. I just wish that there was a little more involvement with the arts at the school, besides everything being focused on just sports.
I had a great experience while going to Dixon high school. The teachers and staff are always thinking of ways to help the students to be successful.
Great high school to attend. Very friendly people make lots of friends that are supportive. Athletics are good to get into.
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