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The classes in Dixon High School are smaller so you have a better relationship with the teachers and a chance to learn and understand things better than you would in large classes.
Dixon is a good school district. The faculty helps where they can. The buildings need upgrading. Not bad for a small town school system.
I have been going to Dixon High School for four years and have enjoyed every little bit of my experience. The teachers are super helpful and cooperative. The food is not that great but the lunch lady's are super sweet. I have been involved in many clubs such as Key Club, A+, Pep Club, Band, Choir, Cross Country, and Track (Manager). This school is very great.
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As an athlete I enjoyed all the hype that came from the various sports, however this got in the way of academics.
Its not the worst school but it cold definitely be better. I play on the volleyball team and I have never won a game. The majority of our teachers just give us the answers to our homework or just give us participation point.
The health and safety policies are decent.
There are preferred clubs and activities. These often get funding and new equipment, whereas the less supported clubs and activities like cross country and drama get little to no funding for new uniforms and equipment.
I can't describe other people's experience, I am only able to participate in a few school related activities because my family can't afford a lot. I have a wonderful coach who provides transportation to those who are unable to get to where they need to be.
Most teachers are helpful during class, a few are not very helpful when students need help. There are times after school when teachers are supposed to be able to help with tutoring but they are often in meetings or busy and unable to help.
The ones you join, become a family. Everyone is familiar, you can joke with everybody.
This school is about family, about history. Most of the kids have grown up together, know each other, laugh with one another. One thing I love about Dixon is how friendly and accepting the schools are. No matter race, sex or not being a redneck there will be a group that accepts you.
many of the teachers do have after school tutoring, but during the school day is is very difficult to get one one one attention that some students require.
As an academically advanced student my school has provided courses that have a harder curriculum to challenge my academic needs. The courses our school provides has a challenging curriculum to prepare students for college level work. Teachers actually teach us ways to study and take notes that will help us once we get to college. Our classes work loads correspond with the level of the class harder classes have s larger work load. My school has provided me with college prepatory classes.
Our teachers have taken multiple training courses on what to do in safety situations. I feel very safe at my school, I know that if anything happened my teachers would do their best o protect me. Our school is very good about catching threats early and preventing situations. We have city police at our school most of the time. We have drug tests and drug sweeps randomly at my school. Our health programs are pretty good, we have all the equipment needed for our nurse to provide care to us. Our school has a very well kept nutritional value. What makes me feel the most safe at my school is that I know if anything was to happen our teachers would risk their lives to save ours.
I am very active in the clubs my school has to offer. I hold an office or some kind of leadership position within every club I am apart of. FCCLA is the largest club with the most involvement. We do multiple student lead things every month such as working blood drives, making meals for families in need, organizing club meeting, organizing career day opportunities. In FCCLA I have been able to take my leadership position to a regional level. Which is very hard to do within most schools, but our advisor helped me make it possible. Our school also offers tutoring for all struggling students and even mandates required tutoring before sports practices to ensure that our athletes are maintaining their grades. As an athlete I believe our school is very supportive of all of our athletic programs and offers a wide variety.
My experience at Dixon High School has been great. Our school is very supportive. I always feel supported by my school whether is be academically, athletically, or even religiously. I am a very active member of my school and I believe that the organizations my school has provided me to become involved in has helped me grow as a leader. I think being involved within my school is what has made me enjoy the experience so much. I am a large member of the student government, FCCLA, and the national honor society. These clubs have influenced my leadership skills as a person. Our school even provides clubs that help me grow personally such as art club and the fellowship of Christian Atheletes. Our school offers so much and care so much about our personal growth. If I was offered to have gone anywhere else I wouldn't go, I would stay at Dixon High School.
Our teachers like to give us lessons that have us engage on the topic. At our school the teaching staff incorporates hands on activities within sections of the text to give us a real grasp on the content. Every teacher at our school is very knowledgable about the subject they are teaching and have a background in their field. Our teaches do genuinely care about us as students and want to make sure we are safe even outside of school. I can count on any teacher at my school to help me with projects outside of school. Our teachers have a way of connecting with us and communicating with us in such a way that we understand them. They know how different students learn and how to communicate with each of them. All teachers generally grade in the same curriculum.
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I've never had a bad experience with the teachers myself but I have seen some of them excuse certain students from punishment because of who they were. Also, sports are found more important than the fine arts and other activities.
They are careing and knowedgeable
The school focus soley on sports.
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