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Teachers were phenomenal and you can tell the principal (Dr.Grady) really cares about the students and enjoys being there with them!
Dixon High School has many teachers who are extremely helpful and care about preparing each student for their future.
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Honestly biggest problems are the lack of air conditioning and the fact that there is 4 floors. But then again we got days off of school when it was cold and snowy and when it was extremely hot and sunny.
The school was nice for the most part, most of the teachers taught well and seemed dedicated to their jobs. However, the school was looking a little run down and in need of repairs.
I have enjoyed my time at Dixon high school, but the school needs renovations that are never going to stop accumulating. I would like to see a new high school be built to not just bring the building up to code, but to improve the learning environments of all future students.
I went to Dixon High School for my entire high school career and I'd say it is probably pretty average. It's a public school, so you can't really expect things to super fancy or up to date.
The safety and security of DHS is okay, but nothing special. It has some local policemen who are on standby if an emergency does occur. When visitors enter the school, the doors are locked and they must say their name while looking into the camera located by the door. The nurse takes a lot of precautions when it comes to sick and injured students and always makes the decision that is best for the student. We also have intercoms in each classroom for announcements, drills, or lockdowns. In general, I feel safe in DHS. Although, I wouldn't trust them with my life.
There are plenty of clubs and organizations available to get involved in, such as key club, student council, etc. The students involved in these types of clubs are very committed to what they do and work hard to organize events for DHS. Student council and key club are probably the most popular among the school. There are also plenty of sports to try: football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, softball, golf, tennis, and some do swimming through Byron High School. Any of these sports are great opportunities to get involved and build good friendships. Parents and other students are very supportive of DHS athletics and have huge team spirit. Especially when it comes to football.
Even though I've only attended this school for a couple of years so far, I've enjoyed my time here. The teachers and student body, for the most part, are extremely friendly and willing to help out when needed. I have built many friendships with other students at DHS. Some of my favorite experiences from this school would probably be the sports teams I took part of: softball, volleyball, and basketball. The coaches are always there to help you with your fundamentals and other skills you'd like to improve. My teammates have been nothing but supportive of each other and it is really inspiring to experience. These things are what makes Dixon High School unique. You have all kinds of students to make friendships with and teachers who genuinely care about your safety and health. If I were able to choose this school and do it all over, I would.
The teachers at Dixon High School are very knowledgeable when it comes to the subjects they teach. They are very willing to share their knowledge with me, and the rest of the students, that attend DHS. Their teaching styles, however, are nothing spectacular. Some do not do too many activities that get the students more involved with the lesson or use many electronics besides the typical SmartBoard. This causes many of the students to lose focus on what they are being taught, which means that their grades tend to drop. Although, their relationships with the students are nothing but friendly. For most of them, that is. Some of the DHS teachers do not seem to click well with their students. The grading scale used by DHS teachers has remained consistent and for some, they even grade more strictly.
A lot more could be added or the current things could be updated.
Parents need to be more involved in their children and push them to succeed.
Most do the best they can but some are there just for the paycheck.
The school is very safe. There is an armed officer of the law, and an educated staff in case of an emergency situation.
Speaking for tennis, Scholastic Bowl and Math Team: the participants are committed and work hard, always trying their best and giving it a fair shot.
I love this school for its character, its support and its teachers. They never fail to make the most of what they have. Despite a somewhat lacking budget, the classes are always engaging and many of the teachers have become some of my greatest friends.
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They're fantastic, engaging and genuinely amiable.
I feel very safe at this school. I've encountered no personal issues.
Activities here are only as good as the effort the individual put into them. they are nor overly attended by the average student.
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