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My experience at Dixon High School has been one of the greatest school experiences i have ever had the chance to witness
I liked the Dixon High School community. I wish that the track, albeit nice, was regulation length. The teachers are good and care about the students. AP classes prepare students for college and they are working on building a school far. The marching, pep and jazz bands are great. If a student chooses to be involved and engaged at Dixon High School, they can gain a lot, both academically and socially, despite the school being in a small town. Close access to UC Davis, Sacramento and San Francisco makes there a significant availability to summer programs. Dixon High also offers Saturday School to those that get behind in units.
Teachers are generally very involved because it is a small community and the only high school in the city. However because of that funding is incredibly limited in essentially all fields, including clubs and athletics.
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ALMOST ALL of the teachers are very academically involved with students and connect with them in a way where students can feel safe to ask for help either in school or personally and I feel that’s a very good quality for teachers to have nowadays. The only reason I docked one star is because the student body is horrible to one another. There’s no sense of inclusiveness, at least in my experience. I felt like an outcast for all of high school and I’m a very extroverted person. Other than that, the school is great.
Dixon High is a nice small town high school, with just over one thousand students, there is a decent variety in people there but it is still small enough to know who almost everyone is. The school could improve hiring better teachers especially in the math department, have cleaner facilities in certain placers and help prepare people more for life outside of high school.
Safe and clean environment, caring teachers, technology enables students-parents-staff to stay updated regarding grades, assignments, daily announcements, schedules, etc.
Dixon High School is a very good school. I feel like my time there has been well spent due to the teachers who put lots of effort into their students and the administration that does the same. I know that I received a very good education that prepped me for college and any other path that life may take me down.
I like that Dixon High School is very diverse and you don’t see the stereotypical groups. Our high school comes together in times of need. Also, many of the teachers are supportive and helpful.
The leadership class is very involved with all the various fun activities that are going on. Some examples are school spirit rallies, they plan spirit days and spirit weeks, and have lunch time activities every Friday with the school mascot. The sports teams are always successful and competitive and there are good coaches for every sport. The teachers care and want to see students succeed at the next level.
I really love how you feel at home. Since Dixon is a small town, everybody knows everybody. You have a closer relationship with teachers,students,and staff.
It Is a good school but it isn't a school of need. The building is falling apart and sometimes it is just not the best learning environment for students.
My review about Dixon high school is a three star rating because there are some helpful teachers. But not all with open arms. There are some students that are very smart but others who don't know where to get the help they need. I feel as if the district did something change that we would have more successful teachers and students at Dixon high school.
Dixon High School is a school with a lot of potential but has some major issues. Dixon High School has staff that more often than not neglect student's needs especially regarding to extra help outside of class hours. Courses are not taught along the basic principles they are suppose to be based off of and this leads to poor academic performance. Also the amount of materials that are necessities to specific class environments is poor leading to activities that are accustomed to the lack of tools.
The only real extra curricular activities the school offers are sports and drama. Clubs at our school aren't taken very seriously and hardly anyone is involved in them
I would not choose this school again because it just wasn't the best experience of my life. I wish people were more involved in school activities and were more willing to go above and beyond normal expectations. I also wish parents would get more involved in their children's education and try to help out the school a little more.
Only a few of the teachers will really get involved with the students and try to help them inside or outside of the classroom. A good majority of the teacher just lecture, assign work, and grade it without any other real interaction.
I would say this school does not have much of an issue or it is not seen as much because of it's very small student body.
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Not many interesting clubs, rarely ever any after-school activities unless you are involved in sports or band.
Some teachers go above and beyond to help students, yet others could not care less about the students learning.
Dixon High could definitely be improved. I personally like it because it is a smaller school, but there is many missing key components. I would choose a school with more opportunities and more passion toward their students if I could choose a school again.
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