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Scouts is really the only major option. The schools used to provide many different options but know the only ones are intramurals (only for 4th and 5th grade) and Art Club (for 5th grade only for a few selective days out of the year)
There are many significant measures taken to ensure a student's safety at this school. There is honestly very little that could be improved as it is already at a very high standard.
The art department is truly phenomenal at this school. From a young age students are taught Art History along with the certain project they are doing. They get to learn about many of history's greatest artists while sharpening their own art skills. If I could do it all over again, I may have stayed at Dixon from kindergarten to third grade because it don't believe it would have been much different from a private school. However, I would have left after third grade because I wasn't challenged enough (especially in math), and I was prepped enough for the homework load in middle school. Additionally, the grammar program is almost nonexistent as I was never taught the difference between a noun and a verb until middle school.
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It really depends on the teacher. Many teachers are discouraged from grading students on individual assignments (instead use beginning, developing, and proficient on an overall subject), which doesn't promote students to succeed as much because it is quite difficult to understand what one might need to work on when a "proficient" can range anywhere from an A to a C. While the teachers help children who are struggling, they make little effort to help the children who are exceeding gain access to more challenging work. Additionally, there is virtually no homework which means the transfer into middle school (where homework is frequent) is quite difficult.Overall, the lower grades are very good in fostering children as they continue to grow, furthermore the art department is excellent. Yet, the upper grades (4th and 5th) need to have more accountability as they don't adequately prepare students for middle school.
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