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Dixie Middle has an excellent teaching staff and a wide variety of classes to choose from. With helpful counselors and staff, a clean and beautiful school, anyone is sure to have a wonderful experience.
The middle school was being rebuilt my 8th grade year. So I had the chance of being in the old one and the new school. Those years were amazing. So much happened; from making new friends and getting to know old friends better. The school before it was rebuilt, was very easy to find your classes because it was only one story and a square that you could walk around in the morning for fun. I remember one day in 8th grade when we were outside eating lunch and friend Krista decided to throw her Gatorade at some Birds in a tree. The bottle got stuck in the tree. We forever called it the Gatorade tree; although they took it out when the old middle school was demolished. My 9th grade year was spent in the new middle school and the high school because I took an animal science class. I loved how in the new middle school they were able to take the gym floor from the old and hang parts of it around the school. All I can say is, those were the best two years I have had at that school.
Love it there, the faculty is great and the learning experience is amazing! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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It is interesting having half the student body be 8th graders and half 9th graders. The 8th graders need to go to the local rec center for their after school activities. The 9th graders have sports, dance and AFJROTC they can be involved in at the school.
They have an excellent career pathway program that ties into the local high school next door. The computer manufacturing lab is the best I have seen at the middle school level. All students are required to have at least two classes in the pathways program to have them thinking about what would they like to do.

Utah scholars has a big program here to help kids start on the right path to get a Regents scholarship at the end of their high school careet.

When it comes to the programs offered and teachers. The Principal has done an excellent job putting it all together
My kid came from another school district in the middle of the year with learning disabilities. The teachers were very acommadating. They have an excellent special ed program. The teachers cared that he could do well enough to get passing grades even considering his learning problems
Administration has no clue how to handle bullying, When a gross violation of rights occurred The vice-principal told the offender to write an apology letter. The principal gave him "a real talking to". Obviously these two are accustomed to good kids who just want to do well and please adults. It does not work on violent and sick in the mind teenagers. The teenagers just laugh when they come out of their office and did it more often.

I asked that the offender on multiple occasions and with increasing grotesque behavior not be in any of my sons classes. They put him in two classes together. "oh, I guess we really fell down on the job" the counselor said with a smile.

I finally had to move my son to another school to save his life.

There is an open campus, so kids can leave campus whenever they want out of any door they wish. Drug use and shoplifting are common at lunch time. The police officer is a young punk kid. My daughter still attends but I pick her up after school because I don't want her to be harmed on the way home
The teachers really do spend the time and care about the students.

They receive no support from the administration, who are the most grossly incompetent I have ever seen outside of films on the subject. Bullying and drug use are prevalent. It is an open campus so your 13 year old can just walk off of campus with other students to go shoplifting at local stores. KMART had to get rid of their food station so students wouldn't come at lunch because of the amount of theft.

Kids shout "suck my dic, your gay" in the hallways to people they don't like. They also say "why don't you just commit suicide, everyone hates you". The parents say "oh my child would never do that". Some Parents refuse to have any control over their child.

If someone tries to talk to the vice principal or a counselor, they say " oh they are just having a bad day" "why don't we leave you in a room alone so you can work it out" "they just need more hugs".

Have they NEVER BEEN TRAINED about bullying. Those actions just make it worse.

Until Feb 2016 Dixie middle school was the transfer center for drugs in the area because they do have an open campus.

Now they are just hiding it better since the crackdown. The police officer there is a young punk kid who thinks parents are overprotective. Even though the parents are not keeping track of their kids at all.

Kids "make out" in hallways and bathrooms. There are very few cameras
Great school to play sports for.
The teachers are friendly, smart, and helpful!
Terrible. I hated high school because lack of diversity
A lot of opportunity for clubs. Not open diverse.
No nurse. No real protection at school
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