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Dixie M. Hollins High School Reviews

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The teachers are really cool and care about their students a lot. There is a lot of clubs so you can get involved. They have a really cool culinary program along with a very challenging Cambridge program as well.
Dixie is like no other school and the classes they give here are really good for later on times like college. You get credit right now in high school for college and it's a great thing dixie gives. Some of the teachers are very helpful and some aren't but those who are really put you on your stuff.
I've overall had a great experience at Dixie Hollins High school. I'm currently in the Academy of Entertainment Arts and Cambridge program. The Cambridge program offers challenging courses which help me prepare for college and challenge my abilities. The Entertainment Arts academy teaches me about the arts such as film, photography, animation and gaming. Being in these two programs helps me thrive as a student in high school and gives me a great education.
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I love how some teachers care about their students, and that they are willingredients o teach us. I would like to have more school spirit because the students do not have much involvement or do not like to participate.
After 4 years at Dixie, i was in the AEA graphic arts program. AEA was my favorite experience at the school,i learned so much about designing and how to be a better artist as well as this helped me prepared for college. I would like to see more school spirit at the school,perhaps coming up with more fun events that students will enjoy; for example, let students be able to personalize the parking lot or murals because i know Dixie values embracing students individuality.
I have been at this school for Culinary and Cambridge programs. I love it and the growth of the school is amazing
Dixie is a safe and welcoming school, the campus is for the most part very clean, and the student body is accepting and easy to get acclaimed to, as high schools go. The quality of the teachers vary but there are many that are amazing. The curriculums are largely well designed and there are many resources for student success as well as a very accessible staff.
Teachers are pretty good for the most part, helpful at times. Our sports teams are really bad, but wrestling is pretty dope. Our academics are pretty good too, we have high level courses and offer a lot of courses. Our food is the absolute worst, however. You will not enjoy the lunch, you should bring your lunch... also it's 30mins for all students to eat at one time.
Being in the program has taught me so many things in the art division. The teachers are great and they help you and make sure your okay.
I started going to Dixie four years ago this year. my favorite things about the school are my teachers and the people I meet through my extracurriculars. At first it seems everyone is obnoxious but once you find your "crowd" everyone is great and there's a crowd for everyone here. the teachers are also some of the most fun and caring ones I've had during the course of my education, in particular the teachers I've had in my upper years attending.
Dixie Hollins High school comes with a lot of surprises. Beside the fact that Dixie comes with some surprises but it also come with great teachers. When I say that their number one priorities is to see their students achieve their goals and to see them graduate, i mean it. Not only their students is their number one priorities, but their academics as well. They'll basically been on top of it to make sure you understand it and to see you pass the class.
Our Cambridge program is very challenging but it also helps the students prepare better for their college experience. The school breakfast and lunch, however, are sometimes cold and unpleasant along with it sometimes having mold on them. We do, however, have vending machines that have very delicious options but they do overly price them. In my middle school snacks were about .50 cents but to get a snack in high schools its like 1.50. Also the bathrooms can be a bit disgusting. That's mostly on the students, but one time i witnessed the janitors (my freshman year 2015) dip the mop into the toilet and wash the bathroom floor with it. That's just about the only down falls of Dixie. We do however has an amazing library and great SAT and ACT practices. Dixie strives to do the best they can with raises the students SAT/ACT scores and help the students graduate ready for college.
Dixie is a unique experience. If your a freshman starting out high school or its your first year at Dixie, don't worry there is so much to do here from clubs to sports and the teachers here are amazing. The school is awesome but it does has its draw backs. One of those draw backs is the food, then again most but not all Pinellas county schools food are gross but they should really improve the food. I mean there are vending machines but the food is a bit to pricey in my opinion. Okay thats enough of the bad and lets start talking about the good. One good thing about Dixie is that we are amazing in wrestling and they always want people to join so if you got nothing else better to do or are interested then join the team. The teachers here are amazing and are determined to help you until the end, they put their hearts into the work that they do with the students here and you'll definitely connect with someone.
I like that there are rigorous classes offered to help students excel academically. Rather than let students take “easy” classes, teachers often push their students to take high level classes in order ensure that nobody slacks off, especially during senior year.
I have been attending Dixie Hollins High School for two years now and I enjoy being there. When I first transferred I hated but the school came to grow on me and now I truly enjoy being there. I've made great friends with teachers and my peers. The administration is understanding and helpful. The principal is always encouraging us and pushing us to be better. It's been great so far.
This school has been nothing but good to me for all four years I've been here. The teachers are engaged, humorous, and caring to their students. The variety of interests here make it so that anyone can belong anywhere, to any group of people. No one is left out. The college readiness is great, and the faculty just wants to see us strive.
Not the worst high school I would Say if you are going here to be in one of the programs (AEA, CAMBRIDGE, culinary )because it makes it worth it
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What I like most about my school is the teachers. They are willing to go above and beyond for the students. Even when you fall into the wrong things they do their best to try and get you back on track. That's the support system i definitely need to keep my focus on school. I would change the lunch room and give more time for students to eat.
Dixie Hollins High is a great school with diversity and fun experience. However, the students aren't too good at keeping hygiene.
As a part of Cambridge Program, I found that I had close relationships with many amazing and personable teachers who genuinely cared about students and their success. The school offers a wide variety of clubs and activities for those who look for them. I was a part of Troupe 2055 and the Choir Program and found that instructors like Mr. Clark and Mr. Clear made my experience incredible, helping me get out of my comfort zone and find my niche. I am incredibly grateful for the passions and friends that this school has given me.
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