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Dixie high school is a very good school because it not only is quite diverse for it's area, but the staff, people, and teachers there tend to be very supportive and enthusiastic. The culture and school spirit and traditions is unlike any other. Traditions at Dixie high have been going on for more than 100 years! The education is good and students have access to many things to help them learn better.
My experience here has been amazing. The teachers all care so much, the counselors are so invested in our well being and want us to succeed. The custodians keep our school looking new and sparkling every day!
I LOVE my school! They are so involved with the student body and they do everything they can to help us. I feel so welcome here!
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I’ve just moved to Saint George and am enrolled in Dixie highschool. My first impressions were great! That staff is amazing and work well with the students and even become their friends! They are great teachers and very helpful, along with the counselors. The students aren’t super friendly though.
The people were very excepting and I felt like without the people that helped me go to activities I would not be so happy about my high school experience.
At Dixie High School, I feel extremely safe! I know that teachers and faculty care about us a whole lot! Their school activities are super fun and I love getting involved in them! Overall, Dixie High School is the BEST school that I have attended.
The wide selection of classes is nice. Challenging classes are present. The teachers are ready and willing to give extra help.
I love it here! Right now it's my first year at this school as a Sophomore, and so far, I'm enjoying my first year! The kids are friendly and I feel really safe, and welcomed at this school. Thanks to all the students, and teachers that are making my first year in high school great! I appreciate it, and can't wait to spend the rest of my high school year here in Dixie High. I also love the Pep Assemblies, and the Dixie Hymn Song, and the Dixie Fight Song. Every time I go to a football game, assembly, or anything that'll bring the Dixie Hymn or Dixie Fight song, I get so excited to sing along. I'm glad to be a Flyer, and plan on being a Flyer for life.
I like how Dixie High is more laid back than the middle school and that we are in charge of getting our own stuff done.
I like how Dixie High School implements school spirit, and does their best to involve everyone in school events and school overall. The faculty at Dixie High is also great, because they always put their students first, and make sure that we are able to contact them when we need anything and get a response in return. Something I do wish could be better, is the clubs. There isn't much of a variety when it comes to clubs, for example, I would hope that they would have an Astronomy club or a Film club.
So far its been pretty good the faculty are very helpful and very good at what they do, though I do wish the counselors were a bit more organized then they seem to be, but overall that is my only complaint about this school, it has been absolutely wonderful, I can't wait to graduate from such a great school.
It’s a great school but their grading is hard to understand and it’s difficult for me and my parents to find out if I take a test will it hurt my grade more or fix it. So more understanding of how the school grading works would help a lot for students to be able to keep grades up and parents to help them. Also some teachers are more helpful than others when it comes to getting kids the help they need and so if all classes could have a review day then that would help instead of just the main classes. The extra classes we take are just as important in my opinion as the main ones
Dixie High School is a great place to send your kids to learn and grow with others. Although I wish they focused more on college readiness, the academics are great.
These past years, my experience at Dixie High has been full of joy! Overall, the student body is very involved in athletics and rewarding those high achievers. It's good that everyone gets recognized. The school traditions are also exciting, every year we have "D Week". It's a week full of class activities, every class vs the other. It's so much fun. The only thing I'd like to see change is diversity. We don't have a lot of diversity so for the others like me (Hispanic) we sometimes feel out of place. Although our city is growing so fast, it's ranked the fasted growing city in the U.S! I know in the future years, more diversity will be around to continue the traditions and athletics.
My experience at Dixie High was a pretty average high school experience. Most teachers taught well and taught the curriculum. Other teachers taught more about their lives than the curriculum. The social aspect of my experience was probably less a part of my life than most high school students, but my focuses were mainly academic and dance. Sport events were always entertaining and fun social gatherings. I went to few dances, but those I went to were fun.
I loved my four years at dixie high school. I loved that we were always champions in at least one sport each year that I attended. I loved the involvement on all the students, thats from the attendants at the sporting events all the way to how hype the assemblies. the teachers and counselors are out of this world and you won't find any better, the only thing I would have to change about the school was there dress code, times have changes, everyone dyes there hair weird colors and have face piercings. and how are hats a distraction and or gang related, its time to update that
Dixie High offered me many great opportunities. There were seven total school dances- more than any other school in the district- so there were always fun activities to look forward to. The sports programs are great and always have exciting student sections there to support. There were also the most concurrent enrollment courses in Washington County offered exclusively at Dixie. I feel ready for college and already have half of my associates done by just taking classes offered through the high school.
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Overall good a school with good teachers. A downfall is all the school really cares about in extracurricular activities are it's sports. Any other clubs are swept under the rug.
Dixie High School is a wonderful welcoming environment that offers variety of classes (AP, and Concurrent)and are strong in their athletics. Dixie is full of culture ranging from our fun dances like El Cheapo to our D-Week. D-Week is one of my favorite experiences at Dixie High they have tons of traditions with the Bucket Run, Painting Dixie Rock, Senior Show Off, Class Olympics and more. The teachers and counceling are welcoming and work with students when ever they need aid.
Overall a top quality school. The teachers are all very friendly and helpful. The counselors are all very on top of getting the students college ready. There are many school activities available and the administration is very good with letting the student council be in charge of that.
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