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The staff is extremely supportive in every aspect of life. The only problem is that the school is not large enough to offer the classes many of us want to take, including AP Physics.
I loved that the teachers were for the most part willing to help with any trouble anyone was having in their class and that the teachers know how to cater to the students learning needs. I would change the fact that there are those certain teachers that act like they are not interested in doing their job, just like there is at any school.
The teachers don’t quite seem to take their jobs seriously. They tend to not quite take out futures seriously and the counselors help in no way shape or form.
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I like how the teachers were very active in the school. They really reached out to their students when they needed help. The kids are nice. The town is nice. The school buildings are really nice. There are many programs that kids can interact in. Sports are a big part of the town.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Dixie High School. The teachers and staff really cared about you and wanted to help you succeed. I was very sick and missed a lot of school my junior and senior year, and all of the faculty was more than gracious about allowing me to make up missed work and graduate with my class.
Dixie is a very small school. Everybody knows each other. However, since they have allowed open enrollment, a lot of questionable people have started attending the school. There are frequent fights and sometimes people bring weapons, such as brass nuckles, to school. It used to be a very nice school district but it just isn't anymore.
I love how close the community is at Dixie High school but they are severally lacking on funding and quality education. Our sports programs are sub-par but bonds are strong within teams. Music programs are thriving even in their lack of funding and community support.
I like how it is very easy to find the details of the scholarships and it makes the process very nice.
I began attended to Dixie High School my freshman year. Fellow peers were friendly and the teachers were always eager to assist anyone. There are many chances to be in an AP course or maybe just a more challenging class. Something I think needs to be worked on is extracurricular activies. Basically all there is is sports and some volunteer work. I would like to see a debate team and color guard, things like that.
A huge majority of the teachers are great at what they do. A few are better at being friends and some are better at being teachers. They each have their own teaching style, which is great, but difficult at times. We are a small school so there is not that many staff. Most of them were from Dixie so they are familiar with the lifestyle and environment, which is nice. Overall, I enjoy all of the staff and I am very lucky to have been in their classrooms.
its different because everyone knows everyone's buisness...even the teachers. but this if you want a tight knit community this is it
the policies that the government implemented are terrible and has hit this cafeteria because it was mildly okay but now it is literally cardboard
If its not wrestling or football it doesnt matter to anyone else.
I really enjoyed all of my teachers and they were not just there for academic help either
because everyone knows everyone in the whole school it makes extra curriculars fun
The town is fine with mediocre sports and for the most part everyone is friendly
I like the school em I just think more money would help some programs
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we need more language classes other than spanish and more online offerings
focus needs to be more on students and less on clothing.
Athletics is important in the school but funding is limited.
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