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I loved my time at Dixie High School. The teachers are great and I love our principal but there is some changes that need to be done. Such as better food, better classrooms, more involvement with technology.
While attending Dixie high school is was not the best experience. The kids there were so racist and the teachers did not seem to care. There was not many extra activities. For sports they were picky the color kids barely made any of the teams. The food was very nasty and i would not recommend anyone attend it.
The school building as kind of old and could use some fixing up, but they are working on that currently. I loved most of the teachers and there were great students there.
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Well being a gay guy in the “country” part of South Carolina, it’s been a tough experience. However, most of my classes have been okay, they could be much better, but our district is pretty poor. I do believe they are making the best of what they have. The school itself was built in different stages, so some places are a lot newer than others. The faculty is a nice mix, they want to interact with you and make sure you are really comprehending the materials. Our lunches are awful. There’s not much else I can say about that. It has its rough edges, but overall it’s an okay School.
Dixie High School challenged me for 4 years to be the best that I could academically, mentally, physically, and emotionally. The staff all want me to succeed and become a success in life!
It’s not the best school. The food is awful and the teachers. Principal is never at school. Disrespectful kids and the teacher aids.
Dixie is a great school as far as the environment and the staff. I love how friendly everyone is and how you can always receive one on one help when you need it. I think it is important that students feel comfortable in the environment of their schoo@l.
Overall, Dixie is a great, but it is part of a poor county with ltitle funding. However, we do well with what we're given.
High school sucks, but it wasn't that bad at Dixie. Students have ample opportunity to be successful in academics, and a few of the teachers seem to genuinely care about each student they teach.
Dixie High School is located in a very poor, rural part of South Carolina. Money isn't spent correctly within the district. Sports are given more attention than academics. The softball team gets brand new uniforms every year while the school building falls apart. Our bathrooms smell of sewage because the plumbing doesn't work. Our ceilings are filled with mold. Despite all of this; however, a few teachers are able to actually educate students. I can count on one hand how many teachers actually educated students and didn't just read from a textbook or PowerPoint. Those few teachers are what save Dixie High School. Without them, all the students would probably dropout because the conditions are so horrible. The district can't decide whether to consolidate the two schools while students sit in unhealthy conditions getting a below average education.
I have spent the entirety of my high school career at Dixie, and over the years, I have grown in appreciation for this small school in the upstate of South Carolina. The majority of the teachers and staff are willing to work one-on-one with students seeking extra help and go above the expectations to see that a child succeeds. Overall, my experience at Dixie High School has been positive, though, I would love to see new clubs and more challenging classes offered in the future. I also think students would enjoy a greater number of elective and college-level classes that go beyond just the core curriculum.
Dixie High School is filled with diverse students and teachers. The atmosphere overall is pretty positive and a huge majority is very active. Dixie High School provides many classes and chances to get college credit as well as clubs, activities, and sports. Everyone has a blast on D-Week. And the athletics departments are very liked. Dixie High School is known as a high competitor towards other schools in the region.
Art class is great but the student make the school lose value
I felt very safe here
I met all my friends here. Friends I will have till the end. I learned what I needed to get into college. I even learned things I already know in college. I loved this school
My high school teachers were always there for me. They are smart, good listeners and actually care about you.
If I could relive my high school career, I would do it all at Dixie again. I love how small our school is; it feels like a family. I have never been to a more loving school..Being in a small scnool enables you to really get to know everyone and I have really enjoyed getting to know almost everyone.
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The history department at Dixie is exceptional. The teachers are very engaged and know what they're teaching and make you feel like you were there. Too, our math teachers provide many examples to help the student learn the lesson better. Almost all the teachers are very approachable and have a caring spirit towards the students.
Dixie High School is an okay place to attend school because it's really out in the middle of nowhere. There are not many courses to take, but there are many clubs and activities to take place in; including FCA, FFA, Beta Club, Debate Team, Krunk Club, and FBLA. Dixie is a place to bring different groups of people together. The best thing about Dixie is it's chorus. Chorus is the class I've taken every year because it was the one class you were able to express yourself and no one judged you. It was always a great experience and it's one of the things I will miss most when I go off to college. However, the teachers always have their favorites and if you are not one, then you need to work extra hard. But I've made some very close friends at this school and if i had the chance to do it all over again, I would.
It's a family and the teachers get to know you.
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