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The students there had terrible attitudes. I didn’t like being there but the experience was okay, pretty much like anyone else’s high school experience
Dixie is all around a great school. My experience has been perfect for my transfer from a different state and the process has been flawless and everyone I encounter has been so understanding.
Dixie is a great high school. There are so many clubs/extracurriculars to join. Also, they are great at getting you prepared for college. I took many AP college courses and it has helped me so much. I am now able to bypass a lot of general education courses and start my career courses immediately.
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Dixie Heights is a great institution, I would not have chosen to attend any other school in the district. However, just like all schools, Dixie does have its problems: the main building was constructed as part of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal and is showing signs of timely wear (a few leaking water pipes, some small cracks developing on walls, etc), Dixie is very lacking in the Mathematics department to which I personally knew several students who attended Dixie and completed the most challenging Mathematics programs at Dixie and were still not ready for college calculus, and the administration is undergoing a transitional period and is somewhat disorganized as a result of that.
I consider myself very lucky to have received such an amazing education for such spectacular teachers. These teachers have provided me with so much more than the curriculum, I have learned how to be the person I am today from these influential, strong people. No matter what was happening outside the school, I could always count on one constant: Dixie Heights High School. I am studying to be a history teacher and would be honored to one day be an educator at this establishment. In a few months, I will join the sea of proud alumni. I am a colonels today, tomorrow, and for the rest of my life.
The education side of the school is pretty standard, however walking from class to class, its difficult to walk around fights. The staff doesnt seem to care that people are getting jumped in the hallways. All they do is give them ISS but it doesnt do anything. They see it as a way to stay out of class. Although when im late to class because i had to walk around 3 fights, im the one who gets punished.
Dixie Heights was a school with a very safe, fun, diverse, and enjoyable environment. My 4 years here were definitely not enough. I met some of my best friends at this school, became very involved, and feel that I left my legacy.
The teachers at Dixie have been wonderful at teaching their specified subjects, making sure to focus on each individual student and making sure those students understand that certain subject. During ACT prep time, all of my teachers were preparing us extremely well and making sure they took 10-20 minutes, or even a full class day, to prepare us. Another thing I admire about my school is the diverse amount of clubs we offer to students. With the large amount of clubs we have at Dixie, every student is able to be involved in some way. One thing that I found to be a negative throughout my four years is the communication between the administration, teachers, and students. Sometimes, there are things that are needed to be said and what needs to be said gets lost between everyone and there is sometimes a disconnect between everyone and things might get disorganized.
I enjoyed Dixie and think it has improved on getting kids ready for college. Dixie updated their facilities in sports and are now contenders in playing the other schools in the area. it has definitely improved since years ago.
Very good teachers who care about students. Faculty and staff get to know students inside and outside of the classroom.
I extremely disliked Dixie Heights, many of the teachers seemed to not care much about actually teaching, moreso about just getting the least amount of people to fail as possible. I would suggest that the faculty tries to get more energetic about teaching.
I have very much enjoyed being a student at dixie however some things have made me frustrated. I feel like dixie is a great school but needs improvement in several areas.. one thing I have noticed is any kid with special needs we keep them almost hidden in the corner of the basement, and I rarely ever see a normal teacher calaberat with a special ed teacher to provide an easy task for the student but still allowing them to be actively involved in the class and not just sitting there silently for an hour.
Also I feel like for our ESL students they don’t get the help needed

Our administration is now fantastic! I love going into the office and feeling loved and welcome by each of the staff!
Our lunch staff is also great but the food is poor.. I never feel like I got enough to eat or that any of the food is fresh or good
Dixie heights is a great school and I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else!
My four years at Dixie have been four fantastic years. From my freshman year to my senior year, I have been nurtured by the staff at Dixie and have felt like I have been cared about. I have grown as a student and a human being through my four years at Dixie Heights High School and I have learned many valuable lessons. Yes, there have been scandals around the school and difficulties within the student body and staff, but those negatives don't accurately reflect the school. There is much more happiness and pride behind the scenes. Even with difficult teachers or student body mishaps, Dixie has bounced back from the rough times and has always been able to represent Dixie Pride. Each year, Dixie has worked harder to make our school a better place, and each year, that hard work pays off as Dixie truly does become a better place for all.
Overall great school. I have greatly enjoyed my time at Dixie. Lots of AP credit options and access to dual credit through nearby colleges.
Listen to your students. Especially your female students. Don't make their High School experience about the football, basketball, or any other game or extra curricular activity. Listen to your girls. Listen to your girls. Listen to your girls. listen to your girls. And be a little bit more supportive too, not only academically.
I’ve gone to dixie for four years. There are many things that occur in this school that shouldn’t. There are many fights and drugs, the bullying here never gets solved, and many students leave being unprepared for college.
Very great school, although it is becoming very trashy, student smoke in the restrooms all day and teachers don't do anything about it. If a principle sees someone smoking they won't enforce their rules, they will just "write them up" or give detention which is basically allowing the problem to continue.
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Dixie is a very diverse school and some of the teachers care about their students very dearly. I would recommend a different school if you want a real education but if you just want your child to get through high school Dixie will push you through.
I enjoyed my experience at Dixie Heights. The teachers were excellent, and the faculty and staff were great also. I was offered opportunities based on my individual skills and pushed to excell in my education and extra-curricular activities. Dixie has also made strides in the recent years to communicate better with parents which is much appreciated. My recommendation for improvement would be for a proactive plan for troubled students and disruptive classmates. Sometimes in an effort to protect these individuals, the class suffers as a whole and students are distracted from learning. All students have a right to a safe and productive learning environment.
Dixie Heights High School, in general, has very good academics. Many of the teachers value taking their time in explaining subjects and making sure the majority of students understand the material before rushing ahead. There is also a lot of group based activities, so for those who see value in discussing academics with others to reach better understanding, there is plenty of opportunity to do so. The only downside if the proliferation of a rather chaotic school culture, with a lot of negativity in its atmosphere, though there is no small amount of good, hardworking people with kind characteristics.
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