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Division Avenue Senior High School Reviews

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The teachers and staff are all really friendly
Things I would change would be the amount of restriction going around school. Now (because of rising vaping issues) there are specific times for students to use the bathrooms. It's very inconvenient and does not solve the problem.
A really great school. Teachers love what they're teaching. There is something for everyone there. Big emphasis on sports, specifically the baseball team though.
Division was a wonderful environment to learn. Teachers and other faculty members were always s friendly. It was a great 4 years of my life and I definitely would want my future kids to go to Division.
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All bases covered to pit you on path for success by providing access to information. But I felt ppl fell thru the cracks. Not as attentive to students as they like to think they are. Some impatient teachers too overall.
Any school is what you make of it, but Dahs gives you all you need to succeed, opportunities many other schools don't.
We are a family of Dahs graduates ( with 2 still to go)) born and raised blue dragons
My experience attending division avenue high school was honestly a pleasure. From the staff to the sports to the after school activities, there was always someone or something to keep your interest in going to school. Personally, my favorite part of attending division avenue was the well funded art department. We were given creative freedom by the staff which led to unique and original projects that students looked forward to working on during the day, and it gave the school a hell of an art show each year. This department fueled my desire to attend art school, majoring in illustration, and I look forward to getting my masters in education to become an art teacher.
The best part about Division is easily spirit night. No school does spirit night like Division and my 4 spirit nights i have attended will never be forgotten.
Everyone from this school are rude and ignorant and the teachers are mostly racist and don’t teach well. Do not recommend going to this school. Administration is absolutely terrible and only enforce rules on some people and don’t on others.
It has some good teachers, and a couple of good clubs. Other than that, the school physically is lacking basic amenities, like proper bathrooms, a proper elevator, and it could use some renovation, although the maintenance crew does do a great job with what they are given. Some aspects of the school such as the administration are not bad, but sometimes the higher up administration of the district can appear to be somewhat out of touch with the schools.
I loved all the events, they were all very well organized and always had a great experience as well as the sports games, very well organized and entertaining.
Throughout my time at Division Avenue High School I had teachers that really cared about each students grades, well being and most importantly they cared about what they were teaching. Teachers got involved in activities with students and they made sure that every lesson taught was understood by the end of class. I enjoyed even the activities such as Spirit Night where students come together and enjoy a night filled with excitement. My time at Division was one I enjoyed very much.
Since moving here I feel like my u understanding in each subject has improved. I've consecutively made honor roll and now National honors society. I feel ready for college.
Everyone is friendly. Teachers are very nice and knowledgeable. There are so many clubs and activities. The sports teams are great. The experience that I have had these past four years is positive because I always felt safe in the building and I always felt that the teachers cared about all their students and strived to help them with anything they needed.
I liked all the staff and many of the students there. I also liked how it was up to you as a student whether or not you would succeed. This made it easy for those that worked hard be awarded for it. The disparity between an honors level course and regular one was great. The diversity of the school was an issue in the beginning due to a mainly white demographic in Levittown but by senior year it was completely different.
Great motivational teachers that push students to try hard. Small/medium size school class sizes are good and there are plenty of opportunities to participate in clubs.
Your experience at Division is what you make of it. The academics are pretty good in terms of honors and AP classes. There are many AP classes that students can choose from. However, the teachers for some of these classes are not so great so you have to work hard if you want to do well in the class and on the actual AP test. There are a small variety of after school clubs and they don't really do much, in terms of writing material for college essays and resumes. So, if you want to do well in your academics and stand out in your college essays, you have to work hard throughout all 4 years of high school and try to make your experience at Division an unforgettable one.
School at division avenue was a roller coaster of emotions. Coming in as a transfer student , I quickly felt comfortable here with fellow students , teachers and any faculty staff. Education was not bad , sports weren't bad either. The teachers treat everyone with respect. As a senior I don't eat in school so I cant say much on the food but from past years the food can use much improvement. I participated on varsity soccer and enjoyed it a lot. I will end up leaving division with varsity soccer being a hightlight in my school career as a division dragon. The resources here can also be improved for students so things can be easier in terms of school work.
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What I loved about Division Avenue High School was that the teachers were always giving the students maximum attention and effort to teach. What I would like to see change is more interest in the sports department. The school is excels mostly in one sport which is baseball.
amazing teachers, amazing town, not so great guidance counselors. every teacher is willing to go the extra mile to help students to pass and graduate on time. levittown is an amazing school district
There are so many opportunities for every interest
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