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Divine Savior Holy Angels High School Reviews

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DSHA has given me countless opportunities and connected me with wonderful teachers, students, and other faculty members. The school feels connect through our shared faith, yet welcoming to others of different faiths and backgrounds. Retreats bond classes together and the vigorous courses allow students to reach their fullest academic potential. I truly have found the the DSHA community is accepting and supportive, with my only criticism being on its diversity. I feel there are defiantly minority groups who may struggle feeling the same connectedness and support I have felt in the DSHA community. I do believe that DSHA is trying to give these voices a platform through dasher dialogues and culture assemblies. The teachers are caring and hardworking with the students best interests at heart always. Overall DSHA has allowed me to develop leadership skills in my faith, sports and student council, and challenged me academically pushing me to my fullest potential as a student
DSHA has provided a terrific academic environment for both of my daughters. In addition to a challenging college preparatory curriculum, they were provided excellent opportunities to grow in their Catholic faith. DSHA has outstanding athletic and fine arts programs. There was much more diversity at DSHA than my daughters would have experienced at our public school.
I loved DSHA. I feel that it prepared me perfectly for the college experience, as well as life beyond college.
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Love it there! All the teachers are friendly and approachable. Students are very welcoming and warm, especially to new faces! The bathroom doors in the second floor is not the best; they get stuck and confuse people.
I loved my school. The health and wellness program, for one thing, really emphasizes the importance of a healthy lifestyle. It is often very easy to push aside healthy choices when busy and under stress, but this program definitely remind me to maintain health in everyday life choices. DSHA also has rigorous course options which definitely push me to challenging levels, but continue to force me to develop academically, emotionally, and mentally. I have gained confidence, leadership skills, social skills, and so much more by going to DSHA. I wouldn't change anything that DSHA offers, both academic and extracurricular wise, because a large variety of courses and extracurriculars has shaped me to have a well-rounded character.
The more years removed I become from DSHA, the more I appreciate it. I learned so many lifelong transferrable skills here that helped me not only in college, but also in my career. I wouldn't have changed a single thing about my experience and look forward to sending my daughters here in the future.
DSHA has an incredible learning environment that is inclusive. The effort and commitment teachers and faculty have for their students is very noticeable. Students have many resources for support and academics. The school's sports facilities are very good.
DSHA is a wonderful place for girls of all backgrounds and opinions. Although some may say its diversity is limited, I disagree with this statement and find that it is an overall accepting and inclusive place. The academics and athletics are very challenging, but they are also extremely rewarding. Facilities have been recently remodeled in some areas, but others are still quite old. However, the culture is rather competitive and sometimes cut-throat. There can also be a lot of drama between friend groups.
Not Worth my time... The teachers are mean and not engaging. People are rude and consider there students dissapointments
Divine Savior Holy Angels provides a strong all female learning environment. Putting the focus on the all girls education allows girls to prosper not only in the classroom but also with regards to sports, service, clubs, and other extracurriculars. This supportive environment allows for confidence building and in turn creates leaders and critical thinkers.
DSHA has a great sense of community, and the environment the students and faculty create is outstanding. I genuinely enjoy coming to school and learning.
When I became a freshman at DSHA, I was following my sisters footsteps; honestly, I felt out of place. However, as time continued, I found that the teachers, staff, and student body was dedicated to supporting everyone. I discovered some of my closest companions and greatest role models when junior year rolled around. Overall, DSHA has given me a wonderful, enriching experience that I will never forget.
I have had a great experience at Divine Savior Holy Angels. The academics are rigorous, but the classes are taught by intelligent teachers that help prepare all students for college by the time they graduate. The sports are also excellent at my school; we have an amazing new gym and fitness center, and we have won many state championships in my four years here. The area is relatively safe, I parked my car on the street my entire junior year and had no issues, but I know some other girls who did have break-ins. The food could be better for how much it costs, and I wish the clubs held more events. Overall, the environment at DSHA is of girls empowering girls, and it is a great place for them to grow into confident and capable young women.
DSHA is an all girls high school that nurtures leadership, spirituality, friendships, and intellect!!! Graduates go on to be successful and productive individuals who are the movers and shakers of today!
This school is really not worth your money. My daughter did terrible here and didn’t like the environment. The teachers were mean and they taught nothing. The college readiness is terrible and my daughter isn’t doing amazing in UW Whitewater. She blames high school and says she never should have come here. The staff is also rude and not caring. Don’t send your kids here when there are schools like Nicolet and Brookfield East right here. They’re free and better.
I had the best time at DSHA! I love the rigor of the coursework and the community throughout the school among the staff and students.
DSHA is an all girls, college preparatory high-school that is diverse culturally, religiously, and socially. The primary focus is to prepare young girls for college readiness. The school gives many opportunities to test boundaries in order to develop in faith, heart and intellect. DSHA focuses their teachings around the five characteristics of a dasher which are: critical thinker, believer, communicator, self-advocator, and leader.
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I love the variety of classes and the passionate teachers, but being in the all-girls environment has become toxic. There is too much drama and cattiness.
What I love about DSHA is the all girls environment that creates a faithful, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere. Because of this, I am more comfortable interacting with teachers and classmates, and this has opened many opportunities to help me open up and engage in conversations with younger girls who are interested in attending DSHA and help with my public speaking for the future. Besides public speaking, DSHA has a challenging curriculum that prepares young women for college and the road ahead.
DSHA is a welcoming community that does a great job of preparing girls for college and beyond. My education at DSHA has been amazing and I wouldn't have wanted to go anywhere else. The school environment is very inclusive and I feel like I have 170 new sisters that I feel connected to even while transitioning into college. The teachers are always ready to help a student who needs it and their alpha center is a lifesaver for essays and overall academic help.
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