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I really like the teachers. They all care about every student individually. We are all connected as one community which makes sporting events and other event extremely fun.
I am a transfer from Ladywood High School which closed at the end of the 2017-2018 school year. I was very nervous starting my senior year at a school that was the complete opposite of the school I had just spent the last three years at. This school has made me feel beyond welcomed and has made the transition so easy. The administration are some of the nicest people ever.
I loved the academics and the classes. Each teacher takes time and dedication to work with each student. The classes are challenging, but prepare students for college and future success. I would like to see the athletic coaches change because they are average to below average. The teams are decent, but the coaching could definitely improve. I personally would recommend this school if you are looking for a challenge and looking to be prepared for college.
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Divine Child has an amazing family like atmosphere that allows for students of all backgrounds and interests flourish as they make their way through high school.
Very educational and prepared me well for life beyond elementary and high school. A majority of the teachers were always kind and helpful and issues were dealt with properly. I’m honored to have attended for all twelve years.
Divine Child has excellent advanced programs. AP teachers are invested in their students and willing to help at all costs.
I really loved the sense of community we felt at Divine Child. With the passing of one of our fellow classmates, our parish bonded together when we needed it the most. I would like to see the disciplinary actions at Divine Child change. Your last name has a huge impression on how the staff treats you and enforces the rules on you as an individual and I believe it is unfair. All students deserve the same respect and should be held to the same expectations.
My time at Divine Child was positively impacted by a supportive student culture, academic excellence, and engaging extracurriculars. Positive changes to the school could be made by restructuring the administration, particularly the advising team; myself and others had a concerning amount of issues applying to colleges and scholarships due to lack of preparedness from the advisors.
My experience at Divine Child has been nothing but positive. I felt in my for years at Divine Child I have grown mentally, spiritually, and now feel prepared to go to college. The faculty and staff are so caring and will do anything to help you achieve success. The community is my favorite aspect about the school and the thing I will miss most.
Great school, great environment, great staff, great sports, etc. Everybody has a great time at DCHS.
I spent 11 years at Divine Child and I can honestly say it did an amazing good preparing me for college. I was exposed to many different teaching styles and they didn't hold my hand through everything. They have many clubs and sports team to get involved in. My favorite was cheerleading. The cheer team will also hold a special place in my heart and it made my experience at DC an unforgettable one. I am proud to be an alumni. Once a falcon, always a falcon.
Very good staff, programs, and all, though I found coming from an area Catholic School, Freshman year was relatively easy, they quickly got me up to speed, they have good sports and good offerings. They truly embody their mission statement and seem to have a good handle on sports, education, clubs, all while keeping the faith in it.
I like most things about Divine Child High School. The teachers, for example, take time out of their day to come in early or stay after school to help you learn. The entire administration as a whole creates a comfortable and safe environment for all students, and that is something I really appreciate. Not all schools have such caring and devoted people that really want to help their students in school and in life. Divine Child High School is not only a school, but also a community; a community where everyone is welcomed. The moment you walk in, you are greeted with this feeling of content, and you can see this throughout all of the classrooms. Overall, I believe that DCHS is truly the best high school I know.
Very welcoming community for all. Involvement in different activities is key to having a great time at DC. The teachers are great and really prepare you for the future. I’d like to see more activities for the entire student body to engage in all together during the school day.
Divine Child High School is a great place, at which to learn, and learning done there is well facilitated.
Very accepting of all people. They were a caring community and they welcomed everyone with open arms.
Divine Child is very good environment that allows others to excel in acedemics but sometimes they foucus more in the small stuff like uniforms more than adademics.
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I enjoyed the community feel of the school. I felt like I could trust my classmates and the staff. The school made a great point of trying to get students to support sports teams and the arts which attributed greatly to the community feel.
Going to Divine Child was a very good experience for me academically and socially. There are opportunities for everyone to get involved in clubs, music, or sports, and there are a variety of courses that allow one to pursue their academic goals and/or personal interests. I, personally, spent four years in the marching band and participated in each year's musicals, which included Phantom of the Opera and Beauty and the Beast, and had a lot of fun in the Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, and Pit Orchestra. I will also graduate having taken 10 AP courses and having earned college credit for those courses. Overall, it was the right choice for me and I would recommend Divine Child.
All the Extra Cirriculars are excellent! I enjoy going to school here and plan to recomend it to every kid I know. The marching band is great and the music program is thriving.
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