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Disney II Magnet High School Reviews

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I believe this is a great school. I've been here since the building opened in 7th grade. Now i'm 12th and I've enjoyed being here.
My experience with the school was pretty good. I loved going to school to be with my friends and to go to certain classes. Some teachers aren't really that good but they try which is all that matters. A lot of our teachers are pretty young too.
Throughout my four years at Disney II Magnet High School, I have seen such a close community. The school is approximately less than 700 students, which makes sense why the school is connected and almost everyone gets along. There are several AP courses offered, but there’s not enough for those students who want to be challenged. I think that the community is very diverse where people who go there have several background origins and it’s very intriguing to hear their different stories. Overall, Disney II is an average school trying to rise in academics.
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There is lots of things that I like about Disney II such as the diversity and the logo is "Create You at Disney II" , which fits it very well because I feel like I did create myself here at Disney it shaped me to be the person I am today. The teachers are so helpful and nice . The counselors and staff all go out of their way to make sure the students have everything they need . You never feel alone here because you always have someone right by your side supporting you.
Like every school, it isn't perfect, but Disney II has its charms. Most of the teachers are cool and get along with students; they even will set up times to aid you if you're struggling in academics or just need someone to talk about personal issues with. You'll meet just about every kind of person here and that's beneficial for once you encounter people outside of high school; some you'll love, some you'll not get along with, some you'll just feel neutral about.
My experience at Disney II was as I rated it average , when I first went there in 7th grade it was fun, new and exciting to me. But as the years went along there has been new staff new principles and administration which have changed the school drastically from exciting to now average.
I really liked it here I've been at this building for 3 years now but the last two years were terrible. They started having this program which really brought down my grades and most of the kids here are failing. It's also ridiculous how much drama their is here. People here start actual fist fights for the worst reasons possible. I honestly am considering to transfer to a different school.
I enjoyed the diversity at Disney II. I was able to meet a lot of different people. It is also in a good neighborhood. This is a newer high school, so with that being said we did not have a lot of sports teams and extra curricular activities. As the school is growing they are trying to provide us with more opportunities.
Our school overall is decent but there are a lot of things we don't have. For example we don't have a football team or stadium. So we miss out on a lot of things that other high school students have. When I played soccer we had to play at other schools since we didn't have a home field, so people didn't really come to our games. But besides sports everything else is alright. The teachers are helpful if you reach out to them and I like our block schedule. But overall I don't feel like I had the full high school experience here because of the lack of money our school had and it being a smaller school.
What I like about Disney is that this high school gets you ready for college. I take a class called one goal. This class is all about college and preparing for what college is about to be like. This class will even continue through the first year of college. So we could see how other people are settling in. However I feel like I lacked some high school experience because we do not have a football team. So this impacted when our homecoming was and we could not have football games. The students made the best of it and many come to other sport games like basketball.
Disney II Magnet High School has the potential for growth and to expand into a much better school. However, in order for that to occur serious changes are in order for the administration and staff of the school
So far my expirence in Disney II Magnet High School has been okay. Something that you should know when thinking of applying at Disney II is that there is a new program than teachers will use for quizes ,projects ,classwork .Honestly I personally do not like this program because it mostly make the student only think about passing these quizes instead of actually thinking about what they are learning.
The academic can be great depending on the teachers you get they can be very well and wonderful people however its overshadowed by the many problems the school has, such as budgeting. Students are required to pay a school fee of over 100 dollars to receive mediocre materials such as paper and pencils, and things that simply dont add up to what they're asking for, the fee cover 2 binders paper and writing tools things that would be cheaper if you were to buy them yourself. However what makes the school good is the teachers, and dedicated and understanding towards their students, which is what makes Disney II a little better.
Disney II Magnet High School is a very diverse school. My school is a small school, so we are slowly developing new stuff to bring in. Since it's a small school, the teachers pay attention more to the students and help them with whatever they need help with. I think I would like to see my school have more sports and Club options available to the students.
I love Disney, I am a current student here. I appreciate the teachers because they are all very helpful and understanding. The diversity at Disney is excellent and the student communtiny is very accepting
There is very strict, new dean. Most of the teachers are very supportive. The principal does not listen to students.
Disney II Magnet High School offers many electives and AP classes such as Spanish, US History, World Lit, etc. Hiwever what I'd like for Disney II Magnet is too focus on a sports team more and support them more.
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It's been really nice, there hasn't been any drama nor fights that I have heard of, it's a nice small school so everyone will know eachother very well. The students are very respectful and the teachers are super nice and respectful as well.
I love that Disney II is really diverse. The school doesn't have many students so class sizes are smaller and teachers can help each student individually. The high school has a block schedule therefore, you don't have the same classes everyday. You have time do to your homework that is do for the next class.
As a rising senior at Disney 2 I can say my years here have been both good and bad. The goods things are there are some caring teachers and great people with lots of diversity as well. However, due to the facts this is a newer school there are lots of improvements to be made. Disney doesnt feel like a real highschool and the school spirit is lacking. Administration can be rude and the only sport that gets attention is boys basketball. I have enjoyed my time at Disney but I do hope to see major improvements for the future classes to come.
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