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Discovery School of Tulsa Reviews

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Most amazing educational experience for a child. The teachers are very trained and the school is building character and students that are prepared for higher education. The reviews that are negative are from years ago and the school has changed it is wonderful. Students are there to learn not to play and get away with being disrespectful like in surrounding districts. The school offers sports and clubs for the students. The breakfast and lunch are new this year and my kids say it is great.
This is the most incredible school. I have 2 boys and they are both receiving an excellent education. The school is strict with their policies but that is why we moved our children there. Our boys want to learn and not be distracted by students that think they can be rude or get away with disrespecting their teachers. They follow a curriculum that is getting your children ready for college entrance exams. At this young of an age, there is plenty of opportunities for sports outside of school. The school does offer clubs and a few sporting teams. Mrs. Brown is an incredible principal.
The teacher my child has communication skills was very poorly.
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The didn't have any athletics opportunities for the children's.
The school administration policies was very controversial
The school was in it's second year of refurbish.
As previously stated, unprepared teachers who were new to the school system, and their lack of knowledge and confidence in themselves and overall lack of exposure to children, made for a bad situation.
As I previously stated, the teachers who tended my son were new to the profession. Their exposure to kids was minimum, at best; therefore, their curriculum was followed to the "T" without any explorative or elaboration on their part. No imagination or creativity.
I was not happy with the service and the food
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