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After school actives like soccer, football, ect.
I loved high school! Best time of my life, met great people and teachers were cool, nice, and very motivating. Others mean, stobby, and rude made me want to better myself
Seem like they know their stuff but feel they go off topic and could be more hands on.
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One of the experiences that i love the most from attending American river college is the mesa club because they offer all of their memebers a study room and a refrigerator for food. Having a study room available is so convenent because I am able to study before exams or even in my spare times. The study room is open throught the school day.
Our cafeteria has a subway as well as a starbucks, and our own cafeteria with various options: pizza, salads with over 15 topping options, cereal, apples, pears, chinese food, french fries, season fries, chicken wings, burgers, vegetarian burgers, chips, shakes, ice cream. If that is not enough they even have various candy options and almost ever kind of dressing you can think off.
I have meet a few football players who have been kick out of the team after suffering an injury like torn ACL, broken leg, or just for not being athletic enough. The coaches have been know to help student/athletes who are failing classes but preform at an elite level. The coaches will ask teachers to raise their players grades so they can keep playing and winning.
Since I am still a sophomore in college the experiences that I will discuss will come from my friends own experiences. What they have told me is that it has been difficult finding a job for the degree they received. Some of my friends who have graduated still live with their parents since they can not hold a full time job so they can move out of their parents home.
The on campus police officers do an outstanding job patrolling American River College every.
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