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Discovery High school is an amazing school! I have gone to school here for 3 years now and I recommend that if your child does not fit the conventional mold for a student or is just looking for a great experience they should Apply to discovery high school.
This school is amazing! I have often felt left out and lost in the past when it came to school. Now I love going to school and talking to new people. I am learning not only my ABCs but also how to be a better person. It is incredible how much my life has changed just by simple going to Discovery High School.
Discovery is a great school. We all enjoy the family atmosphere and how well prepared we are for when we go to college. The teachers are wonderful and really care about the students.
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Discovery is a project based school with all honors classes. The staff all work to help the students grow. The teachers use technology and hands on activities to prepare students for their future. When one student is struggling, whether with classwork or with a personal issue, the adults reach out and work their hardest to help them. The students have to meet certain requirements to be accepted, so the school contains students who are academically inclined. This school is a place where students are able to flourish and grow. Creativity and academics are combined to make this a wonderful places for teenagers to learn. I'd recommend any high school student in the Newton-Conover area to check out the morals of the school and the people who learn and teach there.
As a senior of Discovery High School, I highly recommend any eighth grader to apply. Discovery is a project based and technologically inclined school, that has understanding teachers to help aid students with whatever needs they might have. The staff's goal is to prepare the students for college and a future career, with multiple unique classes and clubs to encourage students to step into or out of their comfort zone. My past three years haves been awesome!
I love my school it's the first school I've ever felt welcomed at. I used to be bullied throughout my whole time at school and Discovery is the first school that doesn't tolerate bullying. I love how small our school is because unlike most public schools there's barely any interruptions in class which helps me focus a lot. Being a small school would make you think we're intimate but in reality it's not, everyone has a close relationship with the teachers and they feel more like family.
A very unique and friendly school. Teachers are very motivative to students and the school in general encourages students to do good in school as well as participate too.
Overall, a great, supportive environment. Good educators and many opportunities. The early college cohort program was challenging and allowed me to graduate with 27 college credits. The school is limited by it's small size in sports and clubs, but you can participate in some of these activities with NCHS.
I chose Discovery because I knew I needed to start thinking about my future. Each student is required to have their own laptop or they are given the choice of renting one from the school. We are a project based school and we encourage thinking outside of the box. While we still encounter some of the same issues that are found at a regular school like fights and bullying, it is all at a smaller percentage in comparison. Some of the benefits of being a school of about 200 students is that we are given the opportunity of making personal connections with the students and faculty. Our school may have some flaws but overall our school offers freedoms and an experience that no other school will be able to offer.
Discovery High School is an excellent school for students seeking a better education. The students are driven and focused on achieving their academic goals. The school is one big community with only 200 students, and there are very rarely any problems with students not getting along. The teachers care about the students and furthering their education, not just ensuring they get good test scores. I would recommend Discovery to any student who really cares about their future.
This is a great school. I recommend this school to anyone who would like an alternative high school that is technology and project based. Discovery is all honors and AP courses, plus they are very good at helping you prepare for college.
100% of our students go to college and feel very prepared. I love my experience here at DHS. I would recommend it everyone!!
As a senior, I have reflect on my high school experience with joy. I loved the atmosphere and the opportunities offered. The teachers were excellent and the academics were challenging yet flexible.
It has been a very good experience. The teachers care about your education and you develop close relationships with all of the students. There is a homey feeling that comes along with it being a small school. This creates an atmosphere of comfort and confidence.
Discovery high school is a unique learning institution that offers a variety of opportunities that include classes to help you prepare for college as well as challenging the average student to achieve more than ever imagined. I love the one-on-one attention and help you can reive from teachers. The small student population is also very beneficial in getting to you your fellow classmate. Classes are at a level that challenges students to excel. Almost every student has the aspiration to attend college which means you can have an intellectually engrossing conversation with almost anyone at the school.
Discovery High School has changed my life in the best way possible. Coming from a very small private middle school, I was reluctant to attend a large high school like Newton-Conover or Maiden. Discovery is the perfect place for me; it offers a family-like environment, holds academics to a high standard and always finds a way to make learning fun and exciting. I always look forward to going to school every day, as some of the teachers have become my best friends, the staff is always very friendly, and everyone, as mentioned earlier, is truly like one big family. Discovery is a very well-rounded school, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great and challenging high school.
I'm glad I decided to go here for the most part. While the school has its problems, like any school, I'd much rather be here than anywhere else. A few teachers are really good at their job but it seems to be a trade-off for being a nice person. The school is just small enough that it would be awkward to have a messy break-up, but not impossible to avoid someone. I've made good friends here, so I'd say it's been worth it to me, but its up to personal preference. I will say that safety's a problem. We've had 2 kids get hit by cars in 3 years. It can partially be traced back to the road between the 2 high schools. The only parking for Discovery students is a small parking lot in the back that's exclusively for staff and lucky seniors and on the road between the schools, along Discovery's side. The other side of the road has the drop-off and pick-up for Newton-Conover. It's not a very wide road. The traffic after the school day can be tricky- it's hard to tell where people and cars are.
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This school has a lot of potential, the students there are pretty intelligent, though I think their intelligence intelligences wasted due to a lack of funding and a lack of dedication from some teachers. The school has many things that make it unique like community, enrichment, family, and norms, but over time most have lost their meaning.
Spending the last four years at Discovery High School has been a blast! I definitely learned a lot about myself and what I am capable of doing. My teachers have been the best mentors, guiding me through college readiness courses and helping me with my transition from my last year as a senior to becoming a college freshman.
Again, teachers will put in every ounce of effort humanly possible to assist the students in and out of their courses. The curriculums at this school are rigorous but they can be managed as long as enough effort is put into them by the student. Honor's based courses help students have a higher chance of scoring a better overall GPA thus increasing their chances to be accepted into good college and universities.
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