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Discovery is a great school to go to, the teachers care about you and make sure you understand the subject. Many teachers are friendly and even offer help for college application and essays. The school rules would be something I would recommend a change for. They are really strict and sometimes do not allow students to have freedom like other high schools allow.
Discovery high school is very well connected with their students and parents as well. They try to host as many events as possible to help us get ready for college.
i went to discovery high school for my junior and senior year and it was absolutely wonderful. The teachers there were very helpful and fun to be around. The Staff was absolutely the best and very caring for us. They all made sure that everyone felt safe and always made sure we were going in the right direction.
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Discovery high school has its up’s and downs; I think in few more years the school will start to improve as it has improved on the students safety and kicking out those that are disrupting the school environment. Along with the dedicated people of teachers, students and staff working their hardest to provide for each other and meet each other’s satisfactions. I’m all but certain that Discovery High School is surely to improve the high school experience.
Overall, Discovery High School is a good school despite some of its flaws. To begin with the lack of spirit from the students at school events such as football games, pep rallies, spirit week, etc has made my high school experience bittersweet. In addition, I feel that sometimes the students have no voice when it comes to stating how they feel and their opinions about certain issues like dress code. The last big issue is that my school has gotten a lot of attention from the news recently due to several fights that have occured. Despite the flaws from the very beginning, and going through quite a rocky road, I feel that over the years it's gotten better. The administration is doing everything in their power to keep the students safe at all times by implementing new security measures and new rules. It makes me very happy that my school is becoming a better place for students where they can feel safe and heard.
I’ve been in this school for almost 3 years and is actually good. When you need help with your counselor, they always help you and keep you very well informed. They have helped me to know about college, how to apply, what I need, etc.
Discovery High School is a brand new beautiful school. It is a very diverse school and very strict. Overall, my teachers like me as a student and care for students. I wish they would offer more classes like culinary arts.
I liked the teachers here, they are very helpful and nice. This school is very strict on dress code, with no leggings and no rips above mid-thigh. Assistant principals also don't listen to the students side of an altercation involving a teacher, which is kind of unfair. It's like whatever the teachers says goes but students have no say. The students here, some, are nice while others are rude. It is easy to make friends but not keep them since there is so much drama going on in this school.
The teachers in Discovery actually listen and care for us students. Most of them build a relationship with their students and it's wonderful as this not only makes a student comfortable but also respectful towards adults and the learning environment.
The school and it’s staff for the most part were great! There were a few teachers staff members that should have not been there, rude teachers, ignorant security, and a few terrible students. Sports were great; so were the academics.
Generally, my overall experience at Discovery has been a lot of fun. I have had both good and bad times as usual and numerous encounters that I believe have shaped my life into becoming on of the best student I can possibly be. Although, we might not be ranked as high as most of the best high schools in the country, i think discovery has enveloped me with the potential of being successful wherever I may find myself. I relocated to the US from Nigeria where our high schools lacked most of the facilities we have been equipped with, at Discovery and this has simply given me the chance to be more versatile and diverse in the things I find myself doing, even outside of school. It has also played a huge role in developing my social life and exposing me to numerous cultures that have transformed my life for good. For many reasons, i would always be willing to thank Discovery High school for almost everything.
When I was a rising junior, Discovery High opened up in my district. At first, I was not happy about transferring from the school that all of my siblings went to, but in the end, it was a wonderful experience. The first year was tough, because all the students came from different schools, and nobody knew each other. The second year the school was opened was great. I made great memories my senior year and awesome friendships I could never forget.
Administration thinks about student safety first. They also have good teachers. There are many clubs that you can join and
Last year was my first year attending Discovery and Gwinnett county and the administrations and teachers were really kind and helpful.
Honestly, when i first entered the doors of discovery high school, i already made up my mind i wouldn't like the school because i was a new student. But Discovery has shown me so much love and i appreciate that. It was easy to meet new friends because the individuals there are so easy to talk too. The principal ,also is very out-going and nice. He truly cares about his students at discovery. The teachers here give great advice and enjoys teaching their student. Overall, all i want to say about discovery is that their number one top priority is to push us for a bright future.
The school is only three years old and it is doing amazing. It has come such a long way from where it started and is growing into a beautiful and outstanding school.
I like the people and the culture of the school. Everybody makes each other feel like they are welcomed. The teachers do a great job of trying to get students where they need to be in order to be successful.
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I've had a mostly positive experience at Discovery. The school building itself is beautiful, although unfinished. It has the potential to be a truly remarkable place, but I feel as though more money was invested into the sports department disproportionately. The students' behavior has improved vastly since my freshmen year due to stricter regulations set by the principal.
At Disco I have learned that its okay to have to take time and review your work by yourself because teachers give no grades and you will have to learn by yourself
What I liked bout discovery High School is the diversity. What I would like to be changed is the safety of our school.
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