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It was was a very fun experience attending Discovery High school. Teachers and staff were always there to help us with any thing in our lives, whether if it’s school or outside of school there were there to provide us with knowledge and guidance.
This school is fine in terms of academics and what they teach you. If you focus, and study, you’ll get really high grades because of the curriculum. It’s easy to slip up sometimes, but most of the teachers are willing to give second chances. If you don’t have friends by junior year, then it’d be hard to make friends after. Most cliques get together freshman year, and people are usually very commited on sticking to one group. There are no sports besides volleyball and basketball, and those sports don’t even have school games. The olympic sized swimming pool is amazing, but we can’t even use it. Just stick to yourself and grades here and it’ll be fine. I do wish I had gone to a better high school. The phone policy is so annoying, along with the medal detectors. But yeah. Pretty low-average school.
To study here is the good thing, Staffs are very kind and friendly. Teachers are very helpful, knowledgable
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When I first came to this school, I didn't know what to expect, and thus I was so scared. But on the first day of school, some of my classmates approached me and quickly became my friends (which to this day I still have). These weren't any ordinary classmates; these were the ones that were heavily involved in our classes, made friends with other teachers, students from other classes and grades. As I spent each day with them from freshman to senior year, I've definitely grown out of my fear and instead showed my inner self that was closed shut during freshman year. That inner self of mine was my weirdness. I've grown attached to this school because as I was losing my fear of acclimating to a new school, I was able to create some great memories in this school, made some new friends with students and teachers, experienced the rigor of school work and preparations for college. I'm glad I made the choice to go to this school.
I love the fact that the staff are so connected with the students and they all take time out of their days to help anyone and everyone.
Discovery High school brings a small yet compact high school experience. The small space of the high school allows for an easy navigation of the school and the large campus it's located on brings a lot of diversity in the people in the campus. The teachers are all fantastic with their own unique devotions to teaching and their own way of going about it, and no class feels quite like the next. The staff if friendly but stern on the rules and because of the school's close proximity to Lehman College the College Now program is easily accessible to all and very helpful in preparing for college. While at times the extra curricular actives may seem limited, Discovery does a good job at providing an interesting and impact experience on those who attend.
The first thing you notice when you walk up the steps of Discovery High School are three delicately painted portraits of our former President Barack Obama. I remember feeling encouraged and full of hope whenever I caught of glimpse of him. Being mostly an art school, the walls of Discovery were very animated with vivid colors and inspirational quotes on every corner. Though it was relatively small I felt that as a community we were closer than the other schools on campus. The teachers were very dedicated and enjoyed to teach. Discovery had a variety of subjects to offer as well as a diverse number of clubs to join. While it's true that the Bronx isn't the most peaceful place in the world, the security guards made us feel safe and protected at all times.
Discovery High School has a variety of programs including the entrepreneurship , fit for the students thinking about owning a business.
It also helps students decide a pathway they want to continue.
I would pick this school again if I could do it over again because it a great school and all the staffs and teachers all want to see every kid graduate
The school is great because they care a lot for kids education
The only reason why I say my experience was great and not the best is because their is obviously things that I would want to do differently throughout my high school experience, maybe join more clubs and go to more of my schools events like basketball games, things of that nature. My high school experience was great, but I'm always looking for ways to improve all aspects of my life.
The teachers at my school compare to no other, they're truly one of a kind. Its not very often that you find not just teachers but a school staff who genuinely cares about its students and wants to see them succeed. Because my school is small, every students is likely to receive every teacher throughout their four years of attendance. Discovery High School is a well put together school where the faculty members make a conscious effort to engage in the students lives. My principal knows every single student personally, he memorizes the students names their freshman year and gets to know them from their on out. This school feels more like a home than a school, Honestly.
art classes and community service are the best they offer
I think the security should be better, but I honestly don't blame the school or the security department because I understand and know that some of the students are wild.
Not too many options. Wish they could provide something better
what i like the most about the school is the enviroment. All the people working there treat you like family. they know so much about the students and their family. They give a lot of support
when I was in high school i struggled with the language because English wasn't my first language. I recently got here to the USA at that time and all the teachers were more than willing to help me. They were the best. They helped me to the point that I became a honor student and it was because of the helped they gave me.
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My school is very diverse and people are not discriminated for their background, everyone hangs out with everyone
I would not change anything about this school that's how good it is. I don't think I would be the way I am academically without this school
The food served at the school is very good and really tends to people with different variety, even people who have religious beliefs and do not eat pork, the school is very considerate and give other options to those students which prevents people from feeling excluded
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