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Discovery Charter School Reviews

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Discovery is such an amazing school! My son has definitely come out of his shell and has learned so much! This is his 2nd year there and he loves going to school everyday. Most days he wants to stay longer in the extended care program. The kids get exposed to all sorts of different things such as, cooking, gardening, arts and crafts, Operas & the amazing field trips. I love that all teachers have Collece degrees so they are extremely knowledgeable and professional :)
My kids know that all the teachers and staff genuinely care for them.
Children are encouraged to be themselves!
Children are heard and listened to!
Discovery has a different approach to learning, and class time is more flexible. Students are encouraged to pursue their interests, and so the curriculum can vary depending on the class and student.
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You never really feel in danger at school, the neighborhood is really nice. Visitors have to sign in.
Because it is such a small school, there aren't that many extracurriculars so students are usually involved in programs outside of school. However there are a lot of electives to choose from, and new ones are added all the time.
The teachers here are the best. All of them go above and beyond, and really care about the students in their class. Every semester students meet with teachers to set goals and talk about their strengths and weaknesses. They do more than teach, they inspire students to love learning and be curious about new things.
I'm so glad my parents put me in this school. DCS really shaped me into the person I am today. All the teachers really genuinely care about your education and you as a person. It's a very diverse, small community and parents are very involved in the classroom. At DCS every student is encouraged to pursue what interests them, so the classes have a loose structure, where kids are encouraged to think outside the box and explore, rather than sitting in a classroom reading from a textbook. In my years at DCS I took classes like cooking, gardening, musical theater, classic movies (where all we did was watch old movies and talk about them), and was a teachers assistant. Every year we went on multiple field trips, to museums, parks, science camp, panning for gold, Yosemite, just about anything you can imagine. Once my class decided we wanted to go on a field trip to a WWII ship, so we did. Its a really special community, and you get to know every family, all the teachers and faculty members. It's very diverse, and everyone is incredibly accepting of differences. I grew up in this school, and truly believe that if every school was like Discovery Charter School, the world would be a better place.
This is an amazing school with student engagement happening at all levels: learning, participating, teaching and decision making.
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