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A once great school ruined by an overzealous administration that does not know how to work with parents or support teachers.
This school underwent receivership in 2016. The reason for the receivership was low test scores, the bottom 5% in the state. The school has until 2020 to bring the school from a 2 star school to a 4 star school, which has NEVER been done before in the history of Nevada. By their own projections, test scores will not have improved enough to meet the criteria by the 2020 deadline, but the school is hoping that their improvements (which have yet to be realized) will be enough to persuade the state to keep the school open.

The recent changes have driven away families in droves. Over 100 families have left and more are expected to leave as they get accepted into new schools in the fall. The funding for the school is based on last year's numbers so this year, funding will definitely be an issue. Several teachers were already laid off this year, due to budget cuts and funding issues stemming from a lack of students.
DCS is the worst since new admin Haynal & Nohara arrived. They don't follow iep's, they screwed up the amazing culture, caused more bullying than this school has ever seen, show inappropriate videos to children without parental permission, cut off all field trips, let kids overheat in the 109 degree weather standing in the sun... the p.e. teachers don't participate in p.e. they sit on their phones and tell the kids it's free play, so there is no structured athletics. They had kids wetting themselves after never having problems before, kids going home with heat stroke. They have double standards & operate in complete hypocrisy. There is no reason to have your child go here. It's worse than ccsd schools, you have no recourse under charter authority, who seems to let Haynal do whatever he wants. So if there is ever a concern, that's just too bad... they just keep on steamrolling right over top of parents & children. It's worse than dealing with the dmv.
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Do not enroll your child here. Read the reviews, visit this school , do your research. This school is ran like a military school. The teachers each have a problem. There are only 6 teachers. One of them fell off the wagon and leaves during the day to attend a program, another one pinches , and the list goes on. The principal is fully aware and tells students not to tell their parents what happens at school. I can't emphasize enough on how bad this school has become in the 2017-2018 school year. We are hoping this school closes rather than be open and destroys children.
If you're here looking it means that you are a caring parent. VERY SIMPLY PUT:
DO NOT TAKE YOUR CHILD TO THIS SCHOOL. You'll be wasting your time and leave anyway with a heartbreak and lots of anger. Just like 110 families did in 2 months. That should tell you this place is NOT a place for children.💔
Haynal, Kettelsen and Nohara absolutely ruined this school. Discovery was once a really amazing school and they completely destroyed it with their ABSOLUTE POWER and CONTROL, money hungry, contradicting ways. If you see one their names at your school, just run! Trust me.
It took them 4 weeks to get rid of a beehive and half the students are allergic to bees. Very bad neighborhood, always police around and once a criminal ran straight through a class. Circled by helicopters regularly.
There's nothing fun to do because all of the teachers are incompetent except one. Ms. Owens, I'm Looking At You!
I hate all the teachers they're asshats and the only smart 2 just left.
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