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Discovery Charter Preparatory School has many resources for the students to help prepare them for college. We also have many competitive sports.
I really like the school. The teacher support all the students to pass their classes and finish school. The school also finds free things like cheap glasses and free medical check up for students that can't afford them. Sports are fun and beginners get an opportunity to grow as a player and teammate. The also provide many college classes that can be taken from mission.
The school is good but they need to challenge the students more. The good thing about the school is the fact that their main focus is that they help you a lot when it comes to college they help and encourage you to take classes. This is very helpful for the future because when they already out of high school they already have college credits such as myself.
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I really like the school because the students are so united and everyone is familiar with each other. Although it's small, there are so much opportunities within the school. For example: they are offered to take free college classes, there is programs that take you on field trips, and students are always asked for feedback on new things they establish.
Discovery Charter Prep is a well organized institution that helps you excel academically. The high school is very well organized in all types of situations.It makes the students feel comfortable and safe which is important. Something that should change is the campus. The campus should be more taken care of so they should reinforce discipline in order to see results.
I liked how easy the classes were but there was no variety. The only foreign language is Spanish and there are only 3 AP classes.
I like how you get to bond with the teachers. The teachers are very prepared to teach their subject. The school is small, so you know everyone.
As my last year here at Discovery Charter Preparatory High School.I could finally say that my 4 years here has been quite a bumpy road .As a freshman I was so afraid and not as determine as I am now as a Senior.I have seen myself grow so much as a individual and I have surrounded myself with so many good people. Although I would have loved to join soccer since the beginning these two years that I got the chance play has been the best experience of my whole life.I will for sure miss HighSchool once graduate but I will forever grasp my wonder experience here At Discovery Charter Preparatory.
My experience at Discovery Charter Prepatory Highschool has been great. My teachers have been very helpful and patient with us this year now that we are off to our next adventure college. They have been helpful on our college applications, and starting with our essays and building workshops. My academic experience has been good I love my classes and I love how they let us make our decisions on what classes we want to take that interests us. My 4 years on this campus has been so good.
I like that the teachers care about us and that we have the opportunity to have a one on one if needed.Our councilor is amazing.She is on top on telling us what we need to get done and is always giving is reminders.Although I would like if our school would have more student activities and more electives.
The online courses are through Acellus. However, they won't allow you to take AP Science Courses due to lack of a lab. However, at the new campus, you never know. I heard that the chemistry room looks more like a lab now. Anyways, the workload is more than manageable. Your schedule is created by the councilor. She makes sure you get all your A-G requirements. IT IS NOT OPTIONAL. This school is a college prep high school. You take Math AND English your 4 years here. When I was here, you took 1 semester of General Science and one of Geography your freshman year, but since then now you only take 1 semester of Geography. Science is required 2 years. Chemistry and Biology. Excellent science teachers. History is taken 2 years plus your Geography semester. However, if you're going to take APUSH, you take History 3 years + your Geography semester. Before taking APUSH your SENIOR year, you take either regular or Honors US History your Junior Year. You take Government and Economics one semester each during your senior year. You take Art 1 once. Now, you have electives too. There is sociology, Chicano Studies, office assistant, teachers assistant, art 2, drama. There used to be psychology. I don't really recall what else they have. The teachers aren't there to torture you. Some of them may be boring.
There isn't much diversity. Most kids are Hispanic, occasionally there is a white, Asian or black student. Two of the math teachers are foreign, the Spanish and US History teachers are Mexican, there used to be a couple of teachers (and the principal) who were Jewish. Students don't really get involved in after school clubs, but they do stand up for things they care about. For example, when a lot of teachers were leaving the school, they put up signs and wanted to petition.
There are definitely things available at this school. There isn't much, but there are definitely a couple of things you can do. The school does work with Youth!Speak. They used to have a summer program for incoming freshman that was really great, and I definitely met people there and it made being a freshman easier. However, due to budget cuts, the school couldn't keep the program despite their efforts. But, they often announce clubs that are going on in the Youth Speak offices. That used to be really close to the school, however apparently they switched to a campus in Sylmar. Now, I hear they offer the students classes at the community college that is a block or 2 away.
My overall experience at this school was great. I had a blast my freshman year and I had even more fun during my sophomore year. My junior year went by fine. I was having personal problems though, so it wasn't as fun as it could have been, but the positive aspects of it were amazing. During senior year, I got more involved by attending every event available. I find myself looking back and missing my whole high school experience, even the students and staff there.
Most of the teachers that were there in my time being were fun and engaging. They would help you if you needed help, so long as you went to them. They were usually available after class or before. However, the good teachers have a habit of leaving. I am attending college, and I can say that only 4 teachers there right now have been there since my freshman year.
My school is very small and when you drive by it you can't tell its a school because there is a church right in front of the buildings. It is right in the middle of apartments and trailer homes so there are lots of people walking around and lots of traffic. There are people living right next to us so sometimes during class we hear babies cry or dogs bark. Inside the school not much has happened , but out on the street there is always police and firefighters roaming around and loud helicopters as well. My school isn't that safe because we are right in the middle of a community with houses around us and you can get into the campus by jumping the wall from the apartments to our school. My school only has one office but no nurses office. There have been many times when students get sick or hurt and the only thing my school provides is an ice pack. bandage, and a call home. They cant take your fever, check your weight. height. or blood pressure because they don't have the necessary tools.
Our school is super small. It has about 16 teachers and around 300 students. There are not many sports to join and the ones that are available are not worth joining. You pay so much money for uniforms and equipment because the school doesn't cover it. There are no official coaches and you have to walk out of campus to practice. We don't have clubs or activities (Besides student council). Students don't have school spirit and its not much fun here. Not only do we not have clubs and activities but we also don't have many electives. Our school has absolutely nothing to offer. We don't have a field, track, court, gym, auditorium, locker rooms, or even a nurses office. Students will never have the high school experience because my school only had basic sports to join and no other activities. Homecoming games don't exist in my school because we don't have a football field. Our home games are located at the nearest public park in my school and students don't see their classmates play because games occur during school and since we don't have a gym students can't use a pass to go out to see them. Above all that we don't have school dances either and the ones that we host are located in our classroom but not many people show up.
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There are about 16 teachers in this high school and a couple of staff. In every class we always start with a warm up prompt and then continue our lesson on what were studying. The classes are really small with about 18 students so its easier to focus but not much work gets done. Teachers always have an agenda written on the board and it usually includes watching videos. taking notes. group discussions. and a couple writing assignments. We don't use textbooks or Ipads often and we don't have the best system of learning in our school. Every students has access to view their grades online and we get weekly report cards sent to our advisory but most of the grades stay the same because teachers don't update them so i don't understand how this is useful. In reality only 3 out of all the teachers actually know what they are doing, help students out of class including one on one, assign homework, and do grade updates. In addition to our bad educational system the worst thing about my school is that there are not many sports to join. There are no clubs or activities (besides student council) and not many electives. We also don't have a field, gym. auditorium, or even a nurses office. This is one of the reasons why I'm so excited to get out of high school and go explore my options in a university and start my career
The school is very limited on supplies such as books and equipment. The teachers are friendly and understanding but most tend to leave after two or three years because of the principal. The principal is not active and does not have a relationship with the students. The athletic department is very limited on funds and has limited amount of equipment. It is difficult to gather enough students to make a team at time. Some team members are given preference by their coach.
My favorite year in this school was 9th grade. The teachers were very enthusiastic, classes were a breeze, and the office was very lenient. Lately everything has become dull and confusing. However this school has everything accessible and the staff is helpful. I would not chose this school if i could do it all over because it seems like everything is going downhill. Much of the staff and students have transferred out and the principle does not pay attention to the students. Classes/ Teachers have no freedom. Students are treated like 5th graders and it is infuriating.
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