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it’s pretty okay academically but the student body, and some teachers have made it awful. i’ve been bullied and not much has been done about it. a lot of people abuse drugs and alcohol and are distractions at schools but teachers don’t do jack about it. the counseling team is pretty decent.
I've had a relatively pleasant experience at DCC. I enjoy the higher level academics, and there are lots of activities for all different kinds of kids who start diverse activities and clubs for everyone to feel involved.
The high school was great when it came to STEM classes and the arts. The teachers were very well connected with the students. They offered a lot of classes and opportunities for students to take to further themselves. The school administrators tried to be fair with punishments but there seemed to be a bias with certain kids who had became accustomed with the administrator and they would be given a warning instead of the typical punishment that was deserved. There seemed to be favoritism with administrators and teachers towards the students.
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I felt very ready for college after attending this school. Great staff, great opportunities, and overall a wonderful experience for me.
I have attended discovery canyon campus since first grade. The school has offered many activities such as sports mentoring younger students and counseling me I have been satisfied with the kids that go to the school and I have been a 4.0 student for many years now
During my time at the school, I liked how my student counselor was very helpful, and I always knew I could go to him with any questions or concerns. One thing I would have liked to see change, is I wish the art classes had more teacher to student interaction. Art often felt like a lecture hall.
Discovery Canyon Campus was a great place to receive a high school education. They offered rigorous courses which prepare students for college including IB and AP classes. There were some courses in which I felt the teachers did not adequately prepare us for the AP tests, but I believe that has since been changed. The DCC community has always been strong and there are parents, teachers, and peers that will support you and cheer you on wherever you go.
Teachers and counselors are very supportive. Academics are excellent. I would like to see less bullying, especially over social media.
This s a community with a strange dynamic. There are days where the school feels like the happiest place on Earth, and there are days where you might feel as though the entirety of the school is devastated. The teachers are amazing, as are the resources, but the climate is lacking, and very much dependent on the students for a shift in a positive direction.
I transferred in sophomore year and saw an average high school experience. Although I saw a lack of care from both the students and the teachers. But the school did try to make it an enjoyable place but the students didn't seem willing to try to make it good for themselves. This school has very high expectations academically and athletics are very popular.
This high school is perfect for a student wanting college readiness and the facilities/resources needed to achieve it. Many schools in our district do not offer Biomedical sciences, but DCC does. This class is perfect for future healthcare professionals and is one of the things that I love about DCC over other competing high schools. This school is rich, they have good facilities for students and staff and the whole environment in generally comfortable. However, the diversity in this school is poor with a mostly caucasian population which is very normal in Colorado Springs schools. So far, I love this school and have had a great experience with it!
In the past four years there have been about ten suicides. Some teachers try and get you to take the harder classes, and make them feel like a competition. Besides that, we have great sports teams, clubs, and some great teachers. Beckman and Bribach are excellent math teachers that want you to understand the problems, not memorize formulas. They provide insightful real life situations and how to get through them. Teachers like Rainford and Bluff allow you to take the class as you want, learn the material by yourself or learn it in class, with as much tomfoolery as you wish. Overall, it's an all right school.
I've been with them since elementary school and it is so nice being in the same school all the way through. The teachers are wonderful. This school's doing well.
DCC is okay. It's not the worst school in the world, and it's one of the best in the city. The people who go here aren't always the best, but the teachers are mostly awesome, and there are a lot of opportunities for students.
DCC is a wonderful place to go if you really enjoy student government. The senate program is huge! DCC also offers a wide variety of classes and clubs for anyone who enjoys arts or science/math. However, it seems that for students who deal with emotional problems, there is not a valuable program for them to go to. There has been a significant loss due to suicide during the time I have been at this school.
I really liked that I have attended this school since first grade. DCC is a pre-K through 12th grade school. I have been in French classes since 1st grade and was exposed to the International Baccalaureate program. I met one of my best friends, Reagan in 1st grade. I have been in the IB high school program and have the opportunity to receive college merit scholarships and course credit. The school brings in therapy dogs and petting zoos during finals because they know the stress we are under. The dances and activities (Thor Wars) are awesome. The teachers and principals help us to think on our own.
While I attended Discovery Canyon I was introduced to some of the coaches, teachers, and students who attend. I had a overall pleasant experience with the people there, they were kind patient and always had time to sit down with me and solve my problems.
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The teachers at DCC have know idea what there doing. The english program is so far the worst and is getting to the point where students will avoid class. Some students will drop out because of the class. Teachers will handout an assignment, giving little to know instructions. The teachers expect you to get an A+.
1. No instructions
2. No rubic
3. No reason why this activity is important
4. No reason how the activity will help you in the future
what i like about discovery canyon campus is that people get along so well and they make you feel connected. What needs to change is the food sometimes it can be very bad and kids can be getting fatter from it.
Academically the school was very good. Most of my peers were very nice people with the expected exceptions to that. During my time at DCC I joined the swim team and was the captain and would say altogether that was a very positive experience. Other activities and dances were usually well put together and I had a ton of fun.
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