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Dirigo High School Reviews

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At this school most of the teachers and staff are there to help you learn and succeed. They prepare you for your future.

The community is also very caring and supportive.
This is a small town school built on the foundation of a family-friendly community, and it shows. It has been the best to grow and prosper with the help of an entire community behind you.
Dirigo High School gave me enough knowledge to get to college, but there could have been more AP courses to offer an early college experience as well as allow students to receive college credit early.
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At Dirigo High School, I would like to see more academic opportunities for those who are seeking to challenge themselves academically, such as a wider variety of AP Classes.
What I liked about Dirigo was the strong sense of community. Through all of the good times and bad, the close knit school would stick together.
They provide many opportunities for such a small public school. Some teachers are closed minded and have strong personal opinions, yet if you show a genuine interest to succeed then most will assure that you do so. Office staff and cafeteria staff stand out due to their dedication and passion for working with children. The ed techs are amazing. Jason Long has been an exceptional addition to the school. His determination and lengths he has gone to to insure the success of his pupils is astonishing. The food is decent but the cafeteria staff will always leaving you laughing. Due to the small town, many people are closed minded and clique-like. Although there are some who are very excepting, much like every high school. The area is very beautiful with much to do. Sports are a large factor for this high school, they are very established and successful. The janitors are very friendly, the school is very clean.
Very small, (I wish there were more A.P. opportunities!) but a very wholesome, small-town experience. Tight knit community with a huge support system for sports teams.
Dirigo High School has a very small student body. The teachers employed here offer very unbalanced expectations for their students. The school offers a Bridge Year program, which prepares you for college. It also gives you college credits.
The teachers are wonderful and truly care about their students. The parents are involved and the overall atmosphere is really inviting and nice. However all anyone cares about is sports, not the arts. There needs to be an equal balance.
Many people here are fun to be around and to socialize with. Not too many people are judgmental.
The school has no money and hires teachers that shouldn't be qualified to teach
Participation is good in popular sports like field hockey, football and baseball, but the soccer team is slowly receding.
Due to budget cuts, the district moved the schools best teacher, Mike Nolette, to Buckfield. He was one of the few that actually cared about students lives and made an effort to positively impact them. The leftover social studies and humanities teachers are relatively average, with one of the three being inherently bad. The english teachers are all very good at conducting lessons, but one of them can be pretty rude to students. There is definitely feeling of favoritism in Dirigo's teachers. If you aren't one of the favored students your life could get pretty miserable in class. The science teachers are all pretty knowledgeable, but the teacher who teaches the more advanced class borders on abusive to the students. Calling out students during class and criticizing those who don't grasp the subject matter as well. The math teachers are pretty decent, but one of them doesn't offer any help outside of class, so what he puts on the board is all the less you get.
This school doesn't prepare you for college. Many of the teachers are opinionated and judgmental of students, and there are a few who offer no help to students who are struggling with a certain topic. Some teachers are blatantly rude to students. Its often more about how you can deal with a teacher than the quality of your work when it comes to passing classes.
Dress code was a very big deal this year. The new administrator seemed to be very strict about it, but then it became a "who could pull it off" sort of rule rather than effecting everyone.
Everyone supports the athletes at Dirigo. The whole community goes to all the games as school spirit is very important.
Our guidance office is very knowledgable, especially for when it came time to apply to schools. They made sure that everyone was making deadlines and made announcements about scholarships as well.
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I love the small community I grew up in. Even though I am going to the city, I love the sense of community Dirigo has. We have this idea called "Dirigo Magic" and it's an instinct to make yourself and others better. It's supporting one another in the community whenever someone needs it and I love that people are always there for you.
Our small town isn't very diverse and majority of people attend a state college or university and live down the street from where they grew up but I wanted to be different and show people that I could go away and be successful. I felt very prepared after graduation for college.
Students are very welcoming to everyone, including new students and foreign exchange.
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