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Students receive a manageable workload for their age, the teachers teach their syllabuses in a timely manner, and academic competitions are available to history classes, science classes and math classes.However, teachers at Diplomat should feel free to provide students with additional resources outside of the provided materials if they want additional information on their subjects.
From what I've experienced, health and safety issues at Diplomat are looked at pretty thoroughly, but they do have room for improvement. For instance, bullying could be taken more seriously--instead of on a "cheesy", surface-level--to the students.
From what I've participated in, extracurricular clubs and sports are of high quality, but they could improve over the years with investment and student encouragement. The most popular clubs that were available when I attended included National Junior Honor Society, SGA, Scholars Club and Odyssey of the Mind. A lot of students were involved in track & cross country, and no one could deny that Graphic Arts class was one of the best art classes in the school. Most of the sponsors were teachers or administrators, which to me wasn't entirely beneficial. Some clubs or sports could've been more proficient with experienced sponsors who were involved with the activity in the community. On any note, the students were committed to their clubs, so after school activities were a fun opportunity for most of us.
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As a 2013 graduate, its safe to say that Diplomat Middle School broke me out of my shell. I experimented with a variety of clubs, especially Orchestra class, which I fell in love with the first day of school. My director even told me I was "a natural" on the violin. From the blurred whirlpool of memories I had, some are fireflies, flickering earnestly for remembrance. For instance, I remember the beaming faces of the audience at the Wildcat Talent Show after I performed "The Wind Beneath My Wings" on the piano; the waves of giggles through the science classroom when our teacher elaborated on funny, real-life stories based on what we've just learned; the focused silence and welcoming, woody scent of the school library where I discovered many books that I still cherish to this day. Diplomat Middle just has a charm in its navy, paw-printed corridors that I don't think any other school had. It was just...inviting; it encouraged you to go outside of your comfort zone and explore yourself with different clubs, arts, sports and classes. If I could experience Diplomat Middle all over again, I certainly wouldn't mind doing so in the least.
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