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I like my school I just wish it would provide more college preporation because we don’t have very good college preporation
I love the educators there. They are very hands on and love to have fun. They are serious about the readiness of college and will push their students. Had so much fun there. Family graduated from there as well! I currently attend Lynchburg College and I believe that this school prepared me for college! Can’t wait to go back and visit!
Dinwiddie has a variety of classes to choose from, ranging from general level to college level. The sports at this school are exceptional and there are many after school activities and clubs to choose from. GO GENERALS!
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The teachers were very helpful in working with you and offering support if needed such as tutoring you. My friends I made along the way will be life long friends. The high school extend into the community and everyone is very supportive of each other.
I grew up in Dinwiddie County. I think Dinwiddie High School is an overall good school to go to. There are only certain things that you should worry about like bullying and if your child is diverse from others. I love the school overall, but ofcourse I have never been to another high school so I can not really compare different schools.
Parent involvement needed, clean facility, teachers are understanding and sympathetic. Very good sports program. Honor classes are good.
Overall, Dinwiddie High School was a great school. I met a lot of great people & even better teachers. Dinwiddie High is a nice, large school. One change I would like to see in Dinwiddie High School is more teachers who showed more interest in not just teaching kids, but helping their with issues they may be experiencing outside the classroom.
Me personally, moving from school to school, Dinwiddie High School brought me in like i had been there from the beginning. The teachers are great. The amount of homework given wasn't bad but manageable. I'm glad i was able to graduate from a great school. #CLASSOF2017
My experience at Dinwiddie High School was an overall pleasant one. The teachers are committed to student success. There are AP class options as well as taking college credits at local community colleges. There are many clubs, organizations, and sports team to be involved in. Guidance counselors are there to assist you with college preparation.
Pretty average small town high school. I only went there for my last semester of senior year and I only had two classes but both of the classes i tool were pretty cool and the teachers were both okay.
Dinwiddie always made the effort to make sure I was going to succeed ! The teachers , counselors, coaches , and much more staff put the best and first foot forward to benefit me in any and every way !
Over all Not a bad school. Needs more College readiness classes and not everyone here is a farmer so a Computer class or trade other then farming would be better.
Everyone at this school is amazing and helpful. I always succeed in my work because of the teachers here. I never feel uncomfortable or scared to be in the building or on the property. The rules are enforced and people follow them.
While Dinwiddie has offered me more than what I had at my old school, I don't feel like they're at their fullest potential. There are some teachers who definitely aren't the best fit, and even the school knows it. Yet, somehow, they ignore the issue and let it continue to go on. One particular teacher has been recognized for being in the wrong for many things he's done yet they haven't done anything to fix the issue. I don't even believe they've sat down and talked to him. There are also other issues, but they're the ones each school has: overdoing the dress code, favoring certain students over others, calling out some students for a behavior that's being done by more than just them. An example of that is a tall girl wearing a dress that is literally the same length as every other girl, who happens to be short, around her, and only her being called out. That's an all around school problem, though.
I would like to see more parent involvement for rising students of all grade levels. Administration should help students better understand the school rules and guidelines, so that less troubling matters occur within the school and on school ground.
My experience here has been pretty average. There are a lot of good teachers here that make an effort to make sure you're preparing for the real world. However, they mainly focus on students taking many exams and tests, and less on extra-curricular activities and school events. The atmosphere has gotten more serious since I first started going here. However, it is probably one of the safest schools you will attend.
The thing I like about Dinwiddie high school is how accepting and kind most students and teachers are. The thing I want changed is the events our school does, like dressing up on halloween and spirit week, I want the school to get into it more so kids can enjoy their highschool experience a little more.
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I have attended Dinwiddie schools since kindergarten. I have had very good teachers that have always encouraged me both in academics and extracurricular activities.
Dinwiddie High School is a heart warming place. All of the teachers are willing to help any student during any time. There are various extracurricular activities to join such as clubs and sports. An aspect I would like to see change is more math teachers that have a degree of teaching Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus.
Dinwiddie High School has a pretty nice campus. The facility as a whole is a large size. There are several sports fields. The cafeteria has lots of meal options. The gymnasium is nice. The restrooms are nice and contain new technologies. The library is nice and the librarians are very helpful. The only thing I didn't like about Dinwiddie High School is the lack of an IB program.
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