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My experience here in Dinuba High School was overall just an average experience, no school experience is ever close to being a "High School Musical." If anything, most of the decisions the district makes that goes for all the schools or for the high school in general, seem to affect a major amount of students, including me. There are a major amount of complaints that one can give out about this school, but its the other, good small things in life that make this high school tolerable.
I do like the sense of community that I feel here, however this school could use better classrooms and equipment.
The activities are not good there rules and dress code are bad they are too strict The principle is too stiff and serious the student involvement is bad
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it was a good experience the only thing i wish wouldve improved was counselors. They need to be more intouch with students and not just call them in when they need need. I feel like they need to meet with them more often. Majority of the students here havent even met their counselor. School food should also improve because now they have closed campus we're stuck eating cold lunch food.
The school is very dependent on sports. Most of the teachers are willing help the students when needed, but the district is not willing to help fund projects for the arts.
I personally believe Dinuba High Staff try to provide students with all the help they need in order to be successful. Students in the other hand need to be encouraged to push themselves more and attempt to take more advanced placement classes, specifically english and history.
My experience at Dinuba High School was amazing. The staff was very welcoming to me, when I was a freshmen. My counselor was helpful and understanding. He made sure I was on top of my classes and that I had all my credits to graduate each year.
My experience with this high school has been okay when it comes to it's academics. But when it comes to safety it's a little iffy. The teacher honestly don't care unless the administration tells them to.x
Dinuba High School is a decent High School. A lot of the teachers are great and try to truly help you and the counselors are great.
I'm a senior at Dinuba High School. I've attended this school for almost 4 years and I can gladly say that I'm proud to be an emperor. Over the years, I've paid attention to how much heart the students at this school has. The kids have spirit and we would never be ashamed to represent Dinuba. It isn't the nicest school, or the best school, but I would never want to attend anywhere else.
Lack of diversity, most teachers seem like they don't care or want to help. School has some good aspects like some classes that prepare you for college of overall there is a lack of unity and leadership along the school as a community itself.
Dinuba is a very small town, but its high school seems to be very segregated and crowded. I say segregated because not everyone gets the chance to take AP classes or be involved in AVID. I think Dinuba High focused a lot on sports than academics and I hope that everyone at DHS gets to
The teachers are pretty cool. Not exactly laid back or anything but that's their job. The pathways are really cool too because they can help you get on your way to college classes.
What I liked about Dinuba High School was they are very invested in sports. They highly encourage students to do well in sports and get involved in sports. I also like the pathways they have such as the MED Academy, who allows students to learn and do hands on activities. What I would change would be arranging monthly meetings about college with counselors. To speak more about colleges and scholarships.
This school is a great loving environment. I myself am in the MED academy and have made plenty of friends through it. The faculties are old and need work which is why there is a plan for a new school. The athletics are great and we dominate in almost every sport.
I love everything about Dinuba high school! It's a really amazing school and it has so many positive perspectives. The teachers there are so nice! Everyone treats you with respect in that school. There is also amazing sports to play and cool rally's to enjoy, they provide the best food there also.
I like Dinuba High School for the great, fun teachers and coaches that have supported my journey throughout my years in this school. I appreciate the fact that there is a lot of clubs and sports to choose. I wish that in the future the school gets more teachers that way everyone could enjoy the electives they chose, instead of being stuck in some elective that they did not choose given that we lack teachers or space. I hope to see that other sports get a better budget instead of investing most of it into football. Dinuba High School should also think about rebuilding some of their buildings as they are really old.
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Dinuba High School is a good school, the counseling department was great help for what ever I needed all my four years attending. Most of the teachers are great educators & love to teach. I really wish during Freshman/ Sophomore year they explained more benefits for college & alerted you on certain things that you can apply for that you won't be able to sign up as a senior.
I feel that this is a wonderful place to be. There is little to no drama, or really major drama that happens on a daily basis. The staff are usually really straight forward with their work that they want done. I just wish that the student and some of the staff was more involved in the fun activities that a lot of kids put many hours into planning, but you can't really change the mind of a person once it's been decided.
Dinuba High School is a wonderful school where a lot of the teachers care a lot about your grades. The school is great at what it prompts, especially safety.
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