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Growing up at Dimond was a fun experience. The transition from middle school to high school wasnt all that bad. The staff was, for the most part, supportive and helpful when it came to us students passing the class.
Dimond High is a place where the teachers try their best to meet the students' expectations, and vise versa. I like how involved the teachers are at this school. What I would like to see change, however, are their judgement of the road conditions to call snow days or ice days. Some times, the road is very dangerous, and we still have school. Other times, the road is perfectly fine, but school got canceled. This is a problem that I would like to see changed.
I had no issues with the school itself but the people attending it were very bias and corrupt. I definitely did have good experiences while in high school but a good majority of them were bad. I can say, however, that I did not regret going here completely because I learned from my experiences and it prepared me for life.
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Dimond High School was a great and welcoming community for all students. It's very diverse and embraces each others culture, as well as performing to show other students where they originate from. The teachers as Dimond cared about each students education, and wanted each student to succeed. They awarded and honored students who did well and did try in school, and that was one of the most encouraging memories from Dimond.
Dimond High School is the greatest school in the world. If you talk to anyone at Dimond they will say the same thing. The teachers are able to teach in a way to prepare every student for higher level learning at the university level. Teachers have been able to turn remedial, nosebleed, bottom-of-the-barrel kids into top tier leaders in the class. The teachers are able to develop personal and loving relationships with the students that are willing to let that happen.
The offerings of clubs and activities are vast. I participated in nine clubs during my time at Dimond. I served in the leadership of several of these clubs and as a freshman co-founded my own. The ability students have to create clubs that matter to the student body is fantastic.
Dimond's Engineering Academy is recognized by the University of Alaska system and as such has started offering college credit equivalent to AP credit. This is undoubtedly Dimond’s top program.
The engineering program at Dimond helped my to get a head start on my engineering degree. The teachers are very good and bring a lot of experience to their classes.
I just finished my freshman year of high school at Dimond. I have not attended any other high schools, therefore I can not compare it to any others. I would say that Dimond is a good school with a lot of parent involvement. Dimond also has a great variety of sports and clubs. The clubs vary from waffle club to key club. I was in key club and it is a great community service club.
I know many wonderful teachers and great staff members at Dimond. Great AP classes are offered. However, I have found a need for more difficult AP course options. The art program needs more extension. Unfortunately, I have lived many ridiculous events with faculty behaving unprofessionally and not being very helpful.
Was a great school! The only issue I had with the school was that I wished they had more class options, but sadly could not because of district budget cuts. However, there is a lot to offer, with teachers who are very helpful and time devoting. Students are nice, teachers actually teach in a way thats not completely boring.
I attended Dimond High School for 3 years and went to West Anchorage High School. While going to Dimond there were things I did like and a lot of things I didn't like. Academically our school is poor and I feel as if teachers have stopped trying to help kids.
The school offers peer mentorship for incoming freshmen to help adjustment to the new style of school. They also have a separate lunch for the freshmen so they have time to adjust and not just get throw into a room with so many older kids. Dimond also offers multiple Advanced Placement classes that allow for different tastes of what college may be like ranging from AP Environmental Science to AP Psychology and World History.
The sports teams for girls are very good and many athletes involve themselves in more than one sport. The sporting events are always lively and the assemblies that follow are even more exciting.
The art teachers are amazing and make sure everyone is always happy and taken care of and the choir often performs during lunches and holidays to lift peoples spirits.
Dimond High School is a great school, with amazing programs. The teachers are very involved and want to see you succeed. The school has a wide range of clubs and sports, that way students can get involved within the school. The school is very friendly, which makes it very easy to make new friends, and have an enjoyable experience. There are many spirit days and school sponsored events to also draw in the students and community. Lastly the programs really help better your skills and prepare you for your college experience . I would highly recommend Dimond High School to any high school students.
Dimond High School offers some of the most advanced classes that will prepare students for college. Dimond has a large variety of AP courses including calculus based physics, and is the only high school with an Engineering Academy. Dimond also has some of the strongest sports teams, including soccer and basketball.
I attended Dimond all 4 years. The school spirit was excellent, and the teachers were great and passionate. If you are going to attend Dimond, I recommend playing girls flag football, hockey, and soccer all four years. I made great friends throughout the four years playing sports. I also recommend getting involved in student government, yearbook, clubs, and theater (Saturday Night Live). HAVE SCHOOL SPIRIT, attend assemblies and support your school and classmates! Focus on your GPA and do not overload yourself with AP nor honor classes. Balance your time out with family, friends, and school. I do not recommend getting a boyfriend or girlfriend in high school. Focus on yourself and your future. High School is an essential foundation for your future and can impact your future on how well you do in high school. Take high school seriously, but have some fun! STAY GOLDEN!
The academic environment at Dimond High is wonderful. We have a lot of great teachers who push us to learn more with project-oriented instruction.
I do wish the social environment was more accepting. Not in the sense of bullying or exclusion, but that it was easier to immerse yourself in social opportunities and clubs.
The school is kept very clean and tidy; professional. A lot of spirit and student participation - the assemblies are very active. The food would be my main critique... it is not satisfactory at all, very artificial and fake.
Dimond is offering me a solid education and I'm grateful. The teachers really care about their students and the administration shows up for every after school sport/activity to cheer us on.
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The experience at Dimond High School is overall okay, its a welcome and open environment. There are a lot of students and teachers. the variety of classes isn't as big as I would like but they have the basics. They care more about sports than anything else.
Dimond high school is such a great school. Great community, sports, teachers and involvement. Would highly reccomend Dimond, not South. :)
For the most part the students are very friendly. Most teachers are friendly, but the JROTC teachers are a little rough around the edges. Overall, I would recommend this school.
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