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I loved how teachers were so involved in helping us better ourselves, they often offered after school sessions or even Saturday workshops to prepare us. They were worried about our future not just their pay, which in most schools that is not relatable. We were not able to have off campus lunch because of something that occurred 3 years ago, I would change the trust that the AD gave the high school students.
i had an interesting experience at Dimmitt High School. i loved all the classes i had and the teachers were a really big help. I have a lot of good memories in this school and if i could go back and do it again i wouldn't change a single thing.
In Dimmitt High school everyone is like family to the faculty. And the teachers will all take time to prepare you for upcoming tasks for example tests and so for. The teachers will also prepare you for college and if you ask for their help they will offer their help and make sure you are enrolled in a college of your major choice. Me as a senior this year I've had an amazing experience here in Dimmitt High School and if I had the ability to start my freshman year I'd do it because this by far the best school for me in my opinion.
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Everyone is very good, at being a good sport towards others. acceptance is not a new thing here.
Our teachers care for the students, and would make sure the student get what needs to be done in the assignment.
Our High school by far, one of the safest environment to learn in the panhandle we have minimal problems with bulling. Everyone knows everyone so the town is very close. we have great learning facilities and have a great athletic facility. I feel very safe. attending the school ,and feel it will benefit me towards my learning.
Our athletic program is fantastic we always go to state in something mostly track, we have Fccla also goes to state, and our OAP program is brilliant.
The parents are not only involved with their kids but support all the kids competing in a event.
Most of the teachers want us to succeed In everything we do.
I had alot of fun with the clubs since it's the only time my parents would ever let me go out, but if I could really change something about it, it would have to be my confidence.
We are lucky for what we have and the administration is the only corrupt thing in the whole school but they dont really do enough bad things to really be an issue... I hope.
its very intense when it needs to be
The school service is excellent here at Dimmitt
the school is very great with there rules
sometimes the food is cold or it has a funny taste
our teachers are always there to help us
we have a great staff who cares about everyone
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we need new lifting equipment in the weight room
There are many opportunities for fitness at this school. Everyone attends the games.
High school was a great experience with many memories. The school faculty cares about every student, and the school environment is safe.
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