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Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School Reviews

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Great school that teaches valuable life and career lessons that make you ready for the working world. While they are geared towards the trade, they are currently working on improving their academics. The co-op program that they provide is outstanding and although I graduated two years ago, my co-op position hired me after I graduated and is helping pay for college!
Great vocational programs! Cooperative work program is great for seniors to be able to get on the job experience. Vocational experts are available and helpful in getting coop jobs for interested students. Student body Is diverse. Teachers are helpful and knowledgeable about their subject or trade. Sports are good and coaches are invested in the athletics. Parent and student portals available with a lot of helpful information available about grades and important events. The school is a safe place to study, good security measures in place. Diman offers many extracurricular activities for many different interests. Also, parents are able to be very involved in their children’s education and future plans.
I loved being able to experience the vocational aspect of Diman. You can find many really down to earth teachers here, who actually care about you.But if you're an athlete this school just really isn't the place if you're looking to pursue your love for the sport you play. Athletics are just really poor here and so is the schools attire/spirit wear. When it comes to repping your school, Diman does not offer any clothing worth purchasing to represent your school with pride. But with all of that said I if you're going for the vocational aspect of this school than you're really making the correct decision.
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Diman RVTHS is a great school, the teachers are always trying to better their students and push them to succeed. Being in a vocational school is a great choice because it allows you a path to whatever career you want in the future. Diman sets you up to be ready to work while still maintaining good academic skills.
I was in a program called health assisting the program itself allows junior year students to study and work towards a certified nursing assistants certification. The teachers are all very helpful, and will be there for you throughout the whole high school experience. I maintained a 3.2 to a 3.6 gpa with the help of the highly qualified teachers. The school is somewhere everyone can feel safe.
My experience at Diman was great I was involved in sports. I was a 4-year varsity player for both soccer and basketball and got great opportunities from that. I was in the health assisting program which also opened a gateway to what I wanted to do in life.
Amazing school with amazing teachers. The skills i learned while attending diman, both academically and vocationally, can never be replaced. The instructors help you in any way possible in order for you to be prepared in the real world and succeed. This school not only gives back to their students but gives back to the community with the amazing vocational students they mold.
What I especially love about Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School is the preparedness for the world of work after your time here. Going to this school gives you an advantage over other students when leaving high school.
My experienced at Diman Regional was great! I highly recommend this to students who are hands on and like vocational schools.
I am in the Culinary Arts program at Diman RVTHS. This school had taught me a lot about the trade I want to work in, about responsibility and the importance of education. I have had amazing opportunities, I’ve worked in the schools restaurant, been a part of the cross country and track and field teams, been a part of the business competitions of DECA, and the trade competitions of SkillsUSA. Within all of these opportunities Diman has offered me I’ve learned what kind of person I want to be in the future and was prepared for real world experiences when I graduate.
It is a great place to be. Just an amazing amount of shops to chose from it really gets us ready to go out into our trades.
Diman Regional gives their students many opportunities with the vocational program. I am currently in the dental assisting program and the school is paying for me to take an infection control exam this year and radiology my junior year. The teachers at this school are excellent and genuinely care about their students. One thing that I would like to see improvement in is the book choices for assignments. I feel many students don't do their school work when it comes to reading because the students can't relate to the story, so in turn they decide to skip out on it.
I would send my children to this school in the future, I loved it. The vocational department at Diman prepares students for the field they have chosen to pursue very well. I studied drafting and currently work on plans for an insurance company's engineering department; Diman prepared me for this job.
This school prepped kids to go out for jobs after high school as well as prepping those who wanted to go to college. They were balanced and gave me great opportunities that other schools might not have given me.
Diman was the best choice I ever made. The faculty is amazing. I learned so much form being a Diman student.
This school has state of the art technology and are always trying to improve how teachers are able to create a welcoming and happy environment.
Diman Regional is a great school to become apart off. You receive an awesome academic education while working to obtain a trade.
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Diman was a great school for my father, my brother, and several aunts and uncles. In the past 7 years, it has become less about the students and more about the wellbeing of the teachers who work there and the profit of the school itself.
I would like the shop instructors in specific shops to pay attention to the students more. I also wish that the safety of some students would be more important then the number of students that is on campus and that they wouldn't over populate the school every year.
Diman has good extracurricular activities and the shops help prepare you for a future in your trade. Academics is also good, but for some of the classes, it would be nice to have more competent teachers.
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