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Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton Senior High School Reviews

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The teachers care, and it's a small school which is nice because the teachers know your name. DGF also offers many college classes that students can take. We offer a variety of activities and athletics. I think we could add some activities like tennis or soccer. Overall, I got a good education here and I enjoyed my high school experience. The school itself could use some renovating and remodeling, but it's not terrible.
Our school is relatively small so I understand how it is hard for some classes to be offered. But on the other hand there are multiple college courses available to those who are wanting to take them along with plenty of performance arts classes that students really enjoy.
There are some mean kids there is no question about it, but when teachers become aware of this problem, it is shut down immediately. For the most part kids are encouraging and competitive in a sense they want to do their best.
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The sports teams in the past few years have done exceptionally well. Student council is changing things this year to become a better organization.
My experience at DGF has been one of a kind. There are multiple activities to engage in and extra curriculars to become a part of. I am very involved in athletics at this school and almost every one of the parents are encouraging and willing to do whatever they can to make sure you have the best experience while in high school. The school is rather small, so everyone is very friendly and knows each other. DGF is a great place to earn an education.
The teachers at my school for the most part all have very different teaching styles. In some classes the notes are easy to understand and follow, but in others it is hard to stay focused on the learning material. Some teachers just assign book work, which usually results in students just copying off of another students work. Even if a student does their own work, the material they read is not actually learned just memorized for the time being.
The extracurricular opportunities at this school are great they let anyone join any group. They don't making you feel bad for being in a certain group. You have the ability to be in any and how ever many groups you want.
Parents that have kids in sports are very impacted on the kids and faculty. If there kid isn't doing well in school they blame the teachers and if the kid doesn't get playing time in a game they blame the coach. The parents believe that it is never there kids fault and that the kid doesn't have to pay for what the teacher, staff, other kids have done wrong.
My english teacher my senior year helped me a lot throughout the year even when I didn't have her class. She helped me with ideas on writing a paper or creating a project. She is the best teacher I could ever ask for and she loves teaching kids in a way that might not come easy to them but eventually they get it and they feel great about themselves.
I felt completely safe in school and never felt threatened or in danger. The school has several security cameras. A school nurse is always on duty.
There are opportunities for everyone at DGF. There are academic, athletic, and artistic clubs. Once in a club, it is encouraged to stay committed for the remainder of your high school career. But it's easy considering how fun and fast-paced they are! All of the staff at DGF are in full support of extracurricular activities and encourage their students to join.
I have had a pretty neutral experience with my professors. Some go above and beyond what you would expect and are 100% willing to meet with you outside of the classroom. Others will disregard your questions and make you feel like an idiot.
The lunches are barely enough to keep your stomach quiet. Some of the teachers don't ever let you go to the bathroom. Some teachers don't answer your questions or try to help you if you're having a tough time with something. The only sports appreciated are basketball, volleyball, and football. Nobody, even teachers, dont consider dance a sport and dancers get treated very poorly and most of the time they have to move all the the tables out of the lunchroom and practice on the nasty lunchroom floor which is never cleaned very well. Bathrooms are pretty guetto and should be upgraded. There are alot of druggies in glyndon.
I am an a recent grad and i wouldnt go back
Sports you get playing time by your last name.
Detention should not be during lunch. Thats not a punishment.
A lot of the 2014 class felt that they were very unprepared.
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A lot can be done with the sports complexes and i feel it is not taken care of very well
Teachers knew everyone by name, made class informative and interesting, all while being friends with the student just as much as teachers.
Half the students go to a great college or university, the rest end up at the local community college. Few decide not to continue education. A majority decide to stay in the area and even live at home.
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