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Overall the school is decent and the students are nice and attentive, but sports are valued and held up to a higher standard than academics.
Dillon High School is sort of an average school. They do prepare us for things like the ACT and SAT. But we should be learning more. They shouldn’t just teach us things to get us by. The teachers at Dillon High need to prepare us for college.
Ultimately life changing. I've met many friends and associates within my four years. Definitely an experience that will last a lifetime.
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Great food. Nice teachers. Friends and spirit everywhere. I've always have the best memories in this place.
What I like about Dillon High School is our school spirit and the fact we instill the belief that "Excellence is Essential" everyday. What I would like to see change is how some students apply themselves
I love the diversity at the school and the interaction between teachers and students. Dillon High School is mostly known for its athletics but this overshadows the great teachers behind athletes. Without the teachers we would have no athletes. Our coaches are phenomenal teachers both on and off the field and court.
It's an okay school, just wish we had more classes such as advanced classes that prepare us Bette door college & I wish we had better lunch, people probably wouldn't skip as much if we did. But besides the minor things, it should just be bigger & that would be better
What I like about Dillon High School was the Sports. The school has amazing sports facilities and teachers. The teachers are ready to work with you if your up for it. It was an great experience for me.
Sports is king at this school. Failing all your classes? Don't worry. As long as you're on the football team, you'll be fine. The academics come second to athletics. With only one or two AP classes, you practically have to get perfect grades in every class you take in order to even have a chance of getting into top ranked universities. The teachers try their best, but they are below-standard. The lack of funding for supplies and equipment required for basic teaching really affects the teaching ability. College readiness is absolutely horrible. From day one, counselors don't even make the attempt to instill confidence in students that they'll make it into good colleges. The counselors basically make it seem impossible to go to college outside of South Carolina. Names of colleges outside of the Carolinas will never be uttered from the counselors mouths if students don't bring them up.
My experience at Dillon High was good. I like that the school had a gear up program. It helps prepare kids for college and how to do financial aid. Overall the school was pretty good.
Great learning environment. Helps us get ready for college. Has teachers who push us to be successful.
Many of the teachers care about their students, however there are students who get special treatment or privileges.
My experience at Dillon High is great our school has great spirit but in my opinion we need more diverse classes in order for students to display their gifts and talents. I believe we are not learning some of things we are going to need to know when we begin our college life Which have more advanced subjects.
they have state required classes but the teachers are not as good at teaching it.
the kids at this school don't really care about what's going on unless it will entertain them
Dillon only have three extracurricular clubs that you can choose from and you have to be a certain gender to be in two of them.
the parents of Dillon high only care if there child is on a sports team or band. If their child isn't then they don't they about what they do, say, or act.
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At Dillon high school there is a great handful of teachers who truly believe in the true potential of the kids who go here. Then there are teachers who has given up on the kids of Dillon call us gang bangers and death wishers. Making

us lose hope and give up on an better future.
Although we have a great amount of security, there are some instances that make students feel uneasy.
We have many extracurricular activities at this school. They are never put ahead of academics.
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