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Worst basketball team sportsmanship.. ever. Hope I never have to come back to this redneck filled place
I attended Dillon Christian School from third grade through eighth. I made very few friends at this school and I had one teacher who harassed me named Mrs. Hatcher. I find it funny how she was allowed to follow her child every year in some type of way rather it be teaching Art or her homeroom teacher. I was the only black girl for quite sometime and was constantly reminded of that whenever sporting events would come up. For a private school I feel like everyone was to be treated fairly, but by my eighth grade year I had enough. My favorite teachers were Mrs. McCall, and Mrs. McCormick.
Generally safe area, but the town itself isn't all that safe.
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Easy classes where you aren't pushed by most, not all, teachers. Focuses more on religious teaching than academics.
Good, mostly friendly teachers, but most (not all) of them are really big pushovers.
This is a very Christian based school that treats everyone fairly. They care about each and everyone of their students and get them ready for their next step in life, college.
Great school for students that are willing to succeed. Nice teachers that will help you in every way possible and take their time to be there for tutoring when much needed.
There was only one bomb threat that I remember. I have always felt safe at school.
This is like any other high school. There is peer pressure. There are judgmental students, but there are also accepting students just like everywhere else.
This school's strong christian background is a plus, but the academic environment wasn't very challenging to me. The small class size also made it hard to receive scholarships based on percentages. For example, the life scholarship is awarded to the top 10% of the class, for us, that was only 2 people.
There are many athletic opportunities, but the teams aren't always the best.
Staff and Administration pick their favorites.
If you're not rich, you don't fit in.
We have very few sports and hardly any spirit.
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