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I have been going to Dilley High School all my life and it has been excellent. They have a program called "Early College High School," which will help me earn up to 60 college credit hours and graduate high school with an Associate's degree. Overall, the teachers and culture is excellent. they have helped me gain more knowledge and helped me accomplish my education goals. I feel like I am college ready because of my teachers and the program our school offers.
Half of the kids are probably anorexic by how bad the food is. Some teachers don't care at all but others are really nice. Some teachers are actually passionate about their jobs but other teachers literally fall asleep at their desks. The new school is much better than the last but the wifi is still terrible.
This is not a great school by any means. The teachers are more concerned with trying to tame the class than teaching it. The person that is supposed to help you with scholarships would rather gossip about other staff and give you the runaround than perform the duties in their job description.
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Dilley has not been challenging enough in 2013-15
the 2016-17 is finally when things got better.
Some very bad teachers have been here. Weird schedules. not much persecution. kids basically did whatever. pars were held too low.
They have normal school lunch and they also have a snack bar with a lot of different verity of foods.
The stuff was friendly. They knew all the students by their first names and they always smile.
The school puts a lot of focus on to the athletic department.
There was a handful of teachers who made school fun. The other ones made the students dread school. Not because of the subject of the class, but just the teacher alone had horrie attitudes.
There was a cooking club, but people only went to make up hours. No one took it seriously.
I wasn't prepared for college at all. I didn't do any essays in high school like the way they want me to do here in college, but I still get them done regardless.
people go along in their own groups they best fit in with
we have a decent school overall just like the rest around us
best sports are football and baseball espically against rivals
our teachers are alright just some teachers could do a whole lot better
could be better if we didn't slack as a class in general
would be better if we had a hockey team and as well as a soccer and lacrosse team.
our school is alright ... but at times its really crappy like our lunch food , and honestly we need a better principle and vice principle and a better counselor
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The programs offered at this school that I personally attend are sufficient to the majority, being the student body. All the corporations seem to work as one to maneuver through their schedules. Being a band student throughout middle school and high school; has taught me to become a more mature teenager. It gave me an opportunity to lead a group of individuals that I assisted in bringing out their inner-talent. Knowing someone has a talent is very astonishing, of course everyone has talents, but they have a skill that, with work, you can make it shine beautifully. The facilities here in this district are poor, but the staff is up for change and want the students to strive for success.
The security measures at school have increased. They have a new system that they are using for all visitors which is working good. The school nurse is always having clinics on different topics to keep us aware.
The school just began a new program that give all students free breakfast and lunch. The cafeteria only serves whole wheat bread products and are hard when served. There is only one many item served and a few choices for the sides. Every students must get a tray and if there is time may purchase an item from the snack bar if time permits.
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