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Diller-Odell Secondary School Reviews

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Diller-Odell has given me the materials I need to be prepared for college. This school gets everyone involved with the community, one example being the annual Block the Door Party where each class brings enough food items to cover the doors so we do not have class. This year we were just short of a ton of food. I would like to see more diversity in this school. More culture difference than what we have now.
I like Diller-Odell because the teachers here are committed to help students learn. I feel like our school helps everyone get prepared for college very well. The school could help change some of the ways some students treat people that have different issues.
I am a senior at Diller-Odell and I personally love this school. I have learned to love education and the teachers are a big part of that. I have been taught to not only have big dreams, but to reach toward them. I have learned that dreams don't come true without hard work.
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I am in my senior year at Diller-Odell High school and I would have to say I've had a pretty good experience here. I've made friendships with people who I think will last for a long time. I can honestly say I love this school so much.
My experience at Diller-Odell H.S was one that I will never forget. We have some of the best teachers in the state and the state testing is a direct reflection of that. We have some of the highest test scores in the state and are rated in the top 5 best schools to attend. I think this also has a lot to do with being a smaller school so the teacher to student ratio is very good. There is a lot of different activities to choose from which helps keep every student involved in something throughout the school year. Not really sure I would change anything about my school. I love the teachers, school culture, administration and overall support from the parents as well.
I love the Diller-Odell High School. It is a great atmosphere with amazing students, and outstanding faculty and staff. Everyone at this school is considerate of others, not one person is ever left out or judged. They are a small school but have so much going for them.
Very safe environment for students and staff. No worries.
One of clubs is FFA. I am very active in this organization. There is a lot available for those interested.
We live in a small community and the environment reflects that.
Our quality of education is higher than most other area schools which reflects directly on our teachers.
I really enjoy the teacher to student ratio
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