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Diller-Odell Elementary School Reviews

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All the teachers that have taught my children have been great. They are truly centered on student learning, using a variety of teaching strategies, and being consistent with school work procedures and policies. They are experienced and organized and do a good job keeping parents informed.
Rules and policies are appropriate for the student population.
The staff at Diller-Odell Elementary is a dedicated group. They are there to teach and find ways to help students succeed. Students are held accountable for their actions and are expected to show respect for themselves, others and the school itself. Staff members demonstrate the importance of developing well-rounded individuals. In the hall, on the playground or in the classroom, students behave well. Technology is utilized on a daily basis in the classroom and through DL Science. The guidance counselor has a program that focuses on different skills or traits that make students better citizens. The communities take pride in their school as well. It takes a lot of people to keep the school going and everyone works together to make it a successful and pleasant place to learn.
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In a small school, people look out for each other and feel empowered. If a student experiences or witnesses wrongdoing, he or she feels safe enough to report it to a teacher or other staff member, knowing that the problem will be handled.
Students have opportunities to participate in extracurricular academic or athletic activities.
Diller-Odell Elementary is a friendly educational center that makes one feel welcome and important. There is collaboration across grade levels, opportunities for personal educational growth and caring personnel. Teachers, staff and students create an atmosphere of learning and teamwork. Everyone knows each other and shows respect for individuals while working toward common goals of citizenship and education.
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