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Dillard high school is a diverse and fun school. It’s an average high school and I enjoy being in the performing arts program.
Administration is not as involved and consistent with responsibilities. The BRACE adavisor is selective of which students are deserving of oppurtunities, all students aren't given the same oppurtunity.
My experiences at Dillard high school is great. I'm learning so much each and every day. I had to deal with mean teachers and undisciplined students.However , mostly every is treated like a family . It's the typically high school experience that I believe every teenager should go through and I wouldn't change any thing about the wonderful Dillard High School.
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Dillard High School offers students a magnitude of different experiences and opportunities, especially when dealing with special magnet programs such as that of the performing arts. Opportunities are plenty and the academics are great, the only issue is that of guidance and administration. Although Dillard offers students plenty of opportunities, it lacks in showing its students what steps they should take to be on the right path for college. Regardless, being at Dillard has become the greatest four years of my life so far, as nothing can compare to the ample memories I have created that would not have been made possible anywhere else.
Being a athlete the sport environment was amazing but they didnt help with getting me to the next level of my career
Dillard high school opened the doors to a more interactive community. There are various clubs, after-school programs, and activities for interests of all kinds. Having a wider campus can be an advantage; there are more classrooms, and there is a special building for the Performing Arts department. There is a mixing room with a recording studio, and they also have a robotics team. ROTC students are dedicated, and the Panthers Marching Band is a force to be reckoned with, accompanied by the DC dancers, majorettes, and flag girls. Dillard is a great school that encourages it's students to be creative, intuitive, and active.
I think that the school is Averge, the teachers works hard to accomendate the students. And work them as much as they can. My only wish is that there was more tutors for Act/Sat. Test.
My experience in Dillard high is pretty different. I would really like for a little things to change
My experience at Dillard High school has been interesting, beneficial, fun, and occasionally sad. I've been attending Dillard for three years now and since I started the school has lost many good students to shootings, hit and runs, and gang violence. Although the neighborhood seems to be not the best the people who live there are amazing and extremely nice. The school in general cares about its students and specifically their safety. Between the two huge magnet programs and the general classes safety is a number one priority. All the teachers are loving and always put the students health first. Through all the dark times Dillard has gone through the community has stuck together.
Dillard is well culture school. It also have a performing arts and emreging technology and buisness.
I love Dillard and all the bittersweet moments that I shared there during my past times in high school. If I could , I would do it all over again.
I enjoyed my overall experience. It is a great school, especially for the arts. The teacher were helpful. I love the atmosphere and school spirit. I am a proud graduate c/o 2018
Dillard high in my opinion can be a very good school if you are within the magnet program. Because of the magnet program, I feel sheltered from the community immediately outside of Dillard.
Dillard High School is rich in culture and history. Dillard High School is the Home of the Mighty Panthers. We have a wonderful principal, dedicated staff, and the most gifted, talented, exceptional students!
The magnet program is great, however, if you do not plan to go into the magnet program this school is not the best option.
Dillard High School is a school full of excellence, motivation, and it’s comforting. Not every school is comfortable, but this school gives you an at home experience. I love this school and the faculty and staff at Dillard High. Everyone is all about learning, preparation, and achievements here.
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Since the first day of high school, I knew I was going to enjoy being at Dillard Center for the Arts. The Dance and Theatre program has groomed me into a wonderful performer. I have been in over fifteen performances throughout high school. With all the performances I took part in, I gave my all. Sometimes it was challenging balancing Academics and Performing Arts but I still managed to maintain A's and B's. Two things that needs to be altered is the food being served and to have academic teachers to work on the Performing Arts student schedule. I would definitely recommend Dillard for upcoming freshmen who wants to major in the Performing Arts.
I will like to see a better access to the adminstration, specifically guidance. I believe some of the food could also be better. More parent involved events and better safety. Ex: security at every gate. There should be more meetings about college readiness and more opportunities. Escpecially information on dual enrollment ahead of time.
My high school Dillard High was a school where I learned to become a better me and I found who I was and what my role in society is. Dillard high had excellent staff who cared about their students succeed in life and helped them grow. At Dillard, I wish their were more resources such as college scholarships that the school offeres themselves and also better books, computers, and improvements to the Magnet Performing Arts program.
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