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I enjoyed much of the time I had here. The teachers were overall great, but I personally suggest a demanding of a higher level of discipline in some classrooms; in some classes, the students really get out of hand. There's really not much to say about DDMS other than how it's an overall good school. I'd really suggest more ensuring a deeper level of understanding of topics in classes, since some classes are very memorization-based.
There are people starting knife fights, doing drugs in the bathrooms, and it has a really bad learning environment. Watch the videos, you’ll see what I mean.
Overall poor school. Teachers are hit or miss, some are excellent, most don't care or have little control. Good amount of clubs. Good coaches/sports programs. gang/bullying problems.
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There is a variety of academics this school offer and the teacher are always there to help you and encourage you to do your very best. Teachers do have coach classes if students need help. There are some who do study groups to help each other out. I my self tutor some of my struggling class mates. I would think most of my peers enjoy learning different languages. We have Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and French. We might have more but those were the ones I know from the top of my head. Next year this school will be a light house school and Owings mills is the school for people that font understand English too.
This school is very safe and trustworthy. If there was to be any sign of bulling and another student witnesses it the teacher will be notified. This school is against bulling to the fullest.we go through drills and safety proconsions to make sure everyone is knows what to do in a case of emergency. This school takes safety very seriously and I a student is to Disobey and be disruptive during a drill they will have savear consiqences. I thin this school is really safe.
This school extracurricular activities was for everyone, no one was rejected because of disability, age, race, or anything. If you attended the school you were allowed to participate in any activity you wanted. There were many activities to chose from as well, for people to alternate and find the right club for them. The mist popular was the science club after the four original members went to NASA. The teachers and parents supported all programs and supported us all.
I actually enjoyed every bit of attending at this school. My teachers were friendly and wanted what's best for us, and never gave up on any of their students. My favorite experience was that some times we had class outside when its warm and clear out. We get done our work and relaxed outside. It wasn't like others schools because it felt like we were a team. We planted a garden to donate food to shelters, and my favorite teacher identified an unnotified object in space with four of my classmates. My teacher and classmates was invited to NASA and gave a report while the rest of us watched them on the news, it was amazing. I would chose this school again because of all the wonderful experiences I've had, I had an amazing time attending this school being part of a team. And I'd never take it back for even a second.
When I attended this school each teacher had different was of teaching. Some teachers were friendly and approachable, yet others not so much. Teachers would take the time to have coach classes and find tutored for the ones who struggles. I saw the Pros and Cons of this school so that's why I think it was an Okay school.
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