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Dike-New Hartford High School Reviews

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Teachers and faculty are very encouraging and relatively small class sizes makes learning easy! One-to-one computers and updated technology makes learning fun and interactive. The sports teams are fun to be apart of weather you a star athlete or just want a way to make new friends!
I love my school high school. it is great. l am glad l fit right in. It's a great family. It's small what is great as you know everyone.
It's an all around good school. There are many different classes to choose from, but I'd like to see more computer classes. Kwik Star (gas station) is just down the road so during lunch it's nice that you can go get something else if you want. Our sports teams are very good and make it to state pretty much every year so if you're good at those than join for sure. We also have clubs like Robotics and there's band/and or choir, so there's something for everyone. All in all, I give Dike-New Hartford 4 stars.
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Great support and encouragement from everyone
We have an anti-bullying program.
Some teachers are too smart in the subject and cannot find how to teach it. Other teachers are not smart enough to teach.
Our school is very focused on sports. Majority of the students participate in sports and we are very competitive.
We have a really good safety system in the school. It makes everyone feel safe and secure.
The extracurricular activities are really good. A lot of students attend them and they create a positive experience for everyone who attends.
Everyone is very generous and kind, the parents and staff really care about you and the decisions you make. Everyone wants the best for you there and thats what they strive to give you.
It is a fun place to learn and grow up. I do believe that some of our policies have gotten unnecessarily strict though. We have a major emphasis on sports, maybe a little more than we should. We aren't as serious about non-athletic extracurricular activities as we probably should be.
I would choose this school again because of the support from the community for Dike New Hartford students both in academics and athletics.
There are many great people at this school, and because our school is great at athletics, we are recognized easily at sporting events. Not only are we great at athletics, but our school is also recognized for our academics.
Many people don't like it but to me it is simply food. It is food that the state sends to the school so I trust it, and the fact that it has the proper nutrients that I need.
Our school is supposedly what the state calls a, "safe school", but the only problem is that I feel like there is more bullying than there was before our school got certified as a "safe school".
The coaches and athletes get along great with each other and really pull together when the times are rough. The coaches fully support the players.
I have lots of teachers that are extremely easy to get along with and if help is needed then they are always there to help the students.
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There is a lot of teacher support in athletics and other groups such as jazz band and choir.
Student involvement is above average. Many kids are out for sports or other extra curricular activities such as band or vocal. We have poor racial or sexual orientation diversity, but from my observations we do not have prejudices against either of the two.
I believe that our school is one of the safest and cleanest in the nation. We strive to prevent anti-bullying and keeping a safe school.
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