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Digital Harbor opened so many opportunities for me regarding my grades. I like the attention they put on students that are doing what they’re supposed to. What I would like to see change is regarding who attends there. The school would be much better school wise, if they used certain scores to be able to attend.
I loved Digital Harbor High School. It’s a great an amazing school. The diversity is unbelievable. Technology pathway classes are also amazing if you’re thinking about going into the Tech Field. Some changes that I would like to see made are the curriculums and also have it be a school where only students that are passionate about technology can get in.
What I like about Digital Harbor High School is that it’s a school that gives students many opportunities to achieve their goals such as programs like Gear-Up And Building Steps. These programs help us prepare for college. Something I would like to change is have more peer group activities, have more people involved to have. Better environment.
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I enjoyed my time at digital for the most part overall it lacks resources that other schools offer and the food is terrible my advice is it is what you make of it.
Overall Digital Harbor is a good school , there’s many programs that are offered and activities to participate in. There’s a lot of school spirit, morning really needs to be changed about digital except for being more alert of events and occassions and there can always be improvement of the student relationships towards each other’s as in treating everyone with respect.
at first I didn't like the school but then over the years I grew to like my teachers hall monitor & even the students . I became really close with a lot of people in there. over the past 4 years the teachers and school it self taught me life lessons and more. Also it got me ready for the world & more so ready for college & the rest of my life .
Digital Harbor is a very good school for getting education and most of the teachers teach their student very well.
I dont like when our principal surplus the teachers who doing their jobs very well.
I loved digital Harbor high school. The four years that i spent there were the most amazing and memorable moments i spent in my life. I loved the diversity of digital Harbor students. I met a lot of students from different countries there and there was this event held every year called the international fair where the whole school celebrate the different cultures that we have in the school.
I've had a great experience being in that school. They have many sports & clubs that are really helpful to us the students. But I would to add more personal clubs for students in need for a friend.
I liked that the teachers at Digital Harbor really tried to motivate the students and make the learning environment as fun as possible.
My two years at Digital were ok, the school taught me a lot but mainly how to be more independent and stay on top of your work and college stuff and things like that, but I’ve been on the Honor Roll 4 times since I’ve started up the school, I definitely matured and actually learned how to take class work and homework more serious.
I like the teachers who work there, and when you need questions answered about things you can always count on somebody to be there to talk to. Wether its a teacher, counsler, hall monitor, ect.
Digital is a great school with awesome administration. You just have to drive and apply yourself to succeed
The Digital Harbor has good intentions but needs to take control of it's students and get better technology.
The school is not a very good school as far as academics and students behavior but the teachers and staff members are wonderful people. There are advantages to take going here especially if you want to take any technology or media classes
Digital Harbor High is a very diverse place, with people coming from many different parts of the world. Has teachers that provide support, and care for the development and well being of students.
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This is a diverse school in the downtown area. This school has teacher who'll give their full effort then there's teachers who act like children and influence the children negatively. I honestly wouldn't send my child to this school unless they are from a culture other than black, because of how well they help different ethnicities.
The things that I like in my school is my teachers that support me.My coach and my team is top 1 for classes help me prepare for college and thing that I want the school to change is the food, we want more fresh food for athletes who don't like to eat fast food
This school is an alright school for technology, but its academic don't lead it. Many people are out of class during all times of the day, and they don't care about their studies. Students aren't inspired or persuaded to go to class, and they fight often. It has become a very negative school in the past few years, and it doesn't handle bad situations well. I am not fond of the school, and I would not recommend it to others.
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