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A very small, and extremely close knit high school that is sure to change your life! Class sizes are just right, and it may sound cliche, but the teachers and staff here really DO care about you. They will do whatever is in their power to make your high school experience the best it can possibly be. I'll never forget my time here.
It has been easy for me to get schedule my classes and choose exactly what I want.
They are very liberal and willing to accommodate even to the point of passing a minority because it would otherwise make the student look and feel bad about themselves.
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My experience has bee great. I really felt that I have grown in my talents and education while attending the school.
It doesn't feel much like a school because its an former office complex but isn't too bad.
I feel safe generally but the security could need some improvements.
I have never bought a lunch. I always bring mine.
Not a lot of students attend them.
We don't have gym facility. Just a parking lot.
They don't deal with distracting kids harsh enough.
The teams were great and friendly, the only problem is the lack of a gym to practice in. The coach would have to rent a gym, which it would have been better to have a gym.
I learned so much during the time I was in school, I just didn't continue to practice and I lost a lost of it from my memory.
Every day the school would order lunch from a company, and they always got the best food! There was variety from Dions Pizza to Costo's 'Chicken Bakes' depending on the day of the week. There were always snack options and if you would like to get a different lunch from the days company you could simply ask the staff member in charge of lunch. There were also opportunities to work for lunch. That school was all around great.
I loved my high school each and every day. The teachers made the work hands on and fun, and it was such a small school that all of the students were close. I also loved that it was a small school because all of the teachers knew the students, even students that weren't in their classes. I would like to send my children to this school one day if it is still around!
Interested in animation - no other school offers the classes i get here
not a school for athletes
The teachers at this school are great. they are as dedicated if not more dedicated than most teachers at other schools.
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There is not a high focus or dedication to sports programs in this school. Students are more focused on technology activities instead of sports but the few students that participate in these sports tend to be very dedicated.
Since this school is such a small school, an actual cafeteria is not available. In order for the school to provide food for their students, they purchase food from different restaurants and resale it to the students.
This high school helped us with the registration to local and in-state colleges and universities. Even after graduation, if we need help with college we are free to visit the councelor and she would help us as much as she could.
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