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Dighton-Rehoboth Regional High School Reviews

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Because it is such a small school you get to know your teachers personally and you get to know most of your class.
Teachers are amazing!! Guidance are amazing!! Administration was average. Lot of roof leaks but education was good!
DRRHS has a very good CTE program to help prepare students and train them in real world skills, but the lack of funds sometimes hurts it more than helps.
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Administrators do not last long at the high school. It's a pay to play community for sports. Deteriorating school building. Needs to be up dated.
I would like to see the amount of funds given to the school change, since the roof is practically ready to collapse and the food is weeks old.
Value the teachers more! Administration does not give the teachers the time of day or the real voice that they deserve.
I really loved the atmosphere the school has. Everyone is so friendly to each other in the halls, the teachers and staff are very welcoming. The teachers really get to know each and every one of their students and are available anytime they need help. The coaches are very good at teaching the sport they coach and are very helpful with building skill. They provide an excellent framework and over view of how you should play each position and help with techniques. However the thing I would like to see changed it the roof. The roof leaks all over the school and makes it a tad bit uncomfortable to see the buckets of rotted water and to feel it drip on you from the ceiling.
I have really enjoyed my experience at Dighton-Rehoboth Regional High School. I love the fact that I can take AP classes and be surrounded with peers that thrive to exceed like myself. My teachers are very encouraging and I am happy to say that they have played a great part of my success at my high school. I've been privileged to be a part of many after school activities and clubs. It was very exciting being a part of the first ever Best Buddies prom held at my high school for our region. I would love for my high school to have access to better facilities. The sports facilities we have now could be improved greatly.
I had a overall good experience at DR. The teachers were my favorite part of my 4 years. They were there to listen, help, and support you. I did not have one teacher that wasn't supportive. The students at DR are like a big family. We all knew each others first names, and on spirit week we all stood together. I loved DR, and wouldn't have wanted to go to School anywhere else.
DR is an extremely spirited and proud community. If you like to be part of a community, you will definitely like it here.
Overall good experience with teachers and curriculum although the school itself is old and needs upgrades.
If you are a minority look at other school districts. The racist culture at this school is surprisingly alive and barely anything is done about it. Administration is pitiful even making up rumors about former teachers. Many outdated books and supplies. Most teachers are good, some are mere children or unable to work with students.
I liked the fact of the diverse curriculum from automotive to early childhood. I would change the emphasis on the arts department. It isn't seen as important for supplies or heat.
Leaking Roof, Mold, Safety Hazards with Snow and some safety scares.
Lots of Variety for Academic, Social and Athletic Students!
Wish it was better but no qualms.
Some are truly world class educators.
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There are a wide range of extracurricular activities at the school. There is something for everyone's taste and abilities.
The school overall is excellent! They had a top notch marching band that competed at a high level and went on trips to perform.
The teachers at DR are very good at what they do. There are only a few that don't exemplify the high standard of the school. Last year we even had a finalist for Best teacher of year nationally.
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