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Dighton High School Reviews

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Dighton High School is a very good safe school in a small community. Everybody knows each other and everyone is very involved with the schools activities. The teachers are great. They are very kind and respectful to the students and staff. The class sizes are small so everyone is close almost like a family.
The quality if the food isn't always good. At this school we have to option of leaving to go home if we don't like what is bring served.
Everyone from here have grown up here. No one ever leaves and everyone knows everyone!
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The teachers in this school are very helpful. They will help you get your work done and help you if you have questions. However there are some they do not help you at all.
Our school just passed a bond to get better things. At the moment our school is not handicap accessible, so one of the things we will be getting is an elevator. That will be nice and can help more people will be interested in coming here.
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